Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Of Our Very Own Has It!!!

Tali: Kuda Lari oh..... Perak Turf Club leh !
Kee Mun: What is so special????

Wong Sir: Wah, the horses look so big in real life!

Jeffrey Ong: Cheh, our friend TL is the committee member, ask him to take you for a run around the tracks lah!

Tali, KM, Wong Sir: No, we shall hold the next 1978er gathering at the Perak Turf Club lor!!!!!

TALI: 又有得饮囖!栋樑你是得嘅!

CTL : 哈哈哈! 你地要跑马仔无? 或者要骑马仔? 或者要"泡马子"? 来吧!我有大把马仔!哈哈哈!

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