Friday, January 30, 2009

Ipoh Reunion Get Together 27 Jan 2009

Dear All,

We had a great nite on 27/01 in the get together hosted by Tong Leong at his house, attended by Kim Peng, Dii Hwan, Kee Mun, Tuck Ming, Fook Keong, Gim Keat, Chee Kean, Siew Yee Wah & me. Attached a group photo for your view. It was indeed a wonderful nite meeting these long lost friends. Hopefully we could have more of this get together to catch up & make the next year big occasion a successful event.

Best regards.


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Were Young, Once ..... 我们也曾年轻过。。。。。

Shoe boxes are great to me because I store my old pictures, photos and memorabilia in them. I still have my old Scout proficiency badges in one of the boxes, for example.... I look at them a few times a year and not surprisingly my mind wonders back to when the photos were taken, what could have been if I had done certain things differently.....

Where are your shoe boxes? Have you looked into their contents lately? If you have some treasures I would like you to share them with us!

It was a "popular" thing for us school kids to keep a passport size photos of class mates. We used to exchange photos during Forms 3 and 5. Do you remember that practice? What is interesting to me are also the words written behind the photos by these individuals. Some were meaningful. Some were XXXX. From left to right in the uploaded shot above I detail their comments as follows:-

KC Mak - It says " Bye, goodbye, bye-bye.....I just want to said good bye....."

KC Mak again - A little funkier. The words written on the photo were $500,000 WANTED!

Ng Chun Mun - 一路顺风

Chin Yong Yong - 身心愉快 Yong2 头1975-5-9 (That is some 33 years ago)

This other pic was of me riding a bike just outside our former Ipoh house..... Biking was popular, remember? We used to ride a bike to school, and for school activities. The more well-to-do rode "cub jai" .....

In this photo I can see Weng Wah, Chen Kim Wah, Khoo Tuck Ming, Chun Mun, Yuet Fai, Tong Leong, Siew Fook Kheong, Seng Kian and Ah Hor.

This is my Standard 6 photo. Not sure. Maybe Remove Class?

Scouting Activity @ Lord Baden Powell camp. I can see Philip Lip and Yee Chut Ngeow in this picture

I was fascinated by martial arts in my teens and I was a keen Tae Kwon Do practitioner

KC And The Sunshine Band (KC 与太阳乐队)

Some old pictures bring back some good memories for some of our friends..... Introducing, again, KC and The Sunshine Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC Mak Jamm'in And Jazz'in (The Rest Are SPECTATORS)

Bring It Back, Rock On Baby!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Images from the 1978 School Magazine 我们的老师

Click on the images to enlarge the photos. Can you help identify their roles in our Alma Mater then?

Teachers in 1978

Mr Wong Min Fah - Brass Band, Volley Ball "Supremo" 1A to 3A English & Form Teacher
Mr Koh Sek Khoon - Scout Master
Mr Chee Nin Kim - 5S1 Form Teacher
Mr Ng Chin Choo - PE Teacher
Bro Paul Sung - Disciplinary Teacher?
Mr Chin Chee Keong - 5S1 chinese
Mr Ng Beng Kiang - Science (never taught us)
Mr Chan Yew Weng - English (never taught us)
Mr Boris Pogos - Math Teacher, 4S1
Mr Lai Pin Khan - BM Form 3
Mr Lam Weng Wah - Arts & Singing & Human Science (taught us about masturbation...remember ??) (excuse us? comment from SP)
Mr Kong Moon Khow - BM Form 1
Mr Chin Lean Seng - Chinese Form 3
Mr Ong Eng Seong - Scout Master
Ms Foong How Yam - The unforgettable? some more ! some more !
Mr Khoo Heng Lee - GP Lower Six Biology
Mr Lim Heng Wah - Physics (never taught us)
Bro John Moh - Principal
Mr Chong Thiam Fook - Fi-Ki-Cheong (Remove Class afternoon class)
Mrs Tham Weng Yam - Lower 6 Pure Maths
Ms Lee Bee Lian - 5S1 Chemistry (good view at the lab for some...remember ??) (yes I remember. We were bad, especially Seng Kian - SP)
Mrs Soo Kang Chew - Form 5 Biology Teacher

(Above article contributed by Kin Fong)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Class of 1978 50 Years Old Reunion 五十岁联合会

Fook Kheong's answer is a classic...usually majority rule...well obviously not in a case of excessive we definitely need a state-of-the art salesman....yes! that's you Allen!

I think we should hold our reunion in our original classroom...otherwise we should design a setting with everyone sit in their original place in the year 1978.....and we should get hold of any teachers if they are around....this will be truly memorable and meaningful..nostalgic satisfaction guaranteed...

Not everyone is enthusiastic about reunion....I did get a chill through my spine when i saw the sam tet school logo on the internet...come on man that was an age of abusive school discipline ...both verbal and physical...years of repressive development...leaving psychopathic and emotional scars in your souls which you carry through the rest of your life!...

Nevertheless we do look back for different reasons...especially when today is not as plain and simple as yesterday...ha!...when all my troubles seems so far away...and of course... the human mind tends to keep the good and forget the bad and the ugly in reminiscence....the truth is 1978 may be a great year for someone and a lousy one for someone else..and no one wants to come to a place to compare or to be compared...especially when many dreams don't come through....but what the hack...that's not reunion is is about celebrating and remembering a time when we were together...when we all were young and have no careers, "educations" and social status.....when we were all placed into the same stuffy classroom day after day....well we might not be as glorious as our senior or juniors...but 1978 was ours...and we are accountable to it...

Now I think..I really do think that we need to get everyone in the class to attend this one...other wise don't have it..we don't want cliques, sub-groups or sub-standard gathering...this one will be
unique and special...THIS WILL BE THE FINAL REUNION!....the very last one.....after all a day is only meaningful when we live it as the very the last one....a final farewell party for all our mates in how about that....

Of course if we are still around we can always organize a 60s reunion...and if we have ENCORE from the 50s...we can always do a 55s....but don't let them know yet...

This Post is by Mak Kwai Choon (a.k.a. KC Mak and Ben Mak) as expressed in Google Group. Please comment.

Sam Tet Old Boys Class Of 1978 三德1978 初中五班同学们

Dear Ex-Class Mates

I have created this blog to further enhance our opportunities to communicate on line and to tap into the each others' happenings, particularly those in 5S1 (sorry to be parochial, to those who are from other Form 5 classes).

You are free to write and comment, start any new topics..... but no abusive language and frothing in the mouth, please.

If you agree with any opinion expressed by any individual or if you feel offended by some comments, please speak your mind on this blog or forever hold your peace!

The blog can only be successful in achieving its objectives if you contribute. If you like it, comment on it. If you don't like it, comment on it!

I hope I am not rubbing it the wrong way.... Let me just say that I encourage all of you to participate in posting or commenting topics that are relevant to you. It does not take up a lot of your time. We hope we can re-establish contacts with EVERY SINGLE ONE of our old class mates before our very first reunion salted at this stage on 16 Feb 2010.

Happy communicating.

Seong Pin (also known by Aussie name Allen Chen)

PS: I think Mak Kwai Choon's subject of the proposed Class of 1978 50 years old reunion is an appropriate start to our discussion. For his convenience I have cut and pasted his recent views on the Reunion venue as a post.