Monday, March 30, 2009

Photos From The Past Contributed BY Yoong Ming & Boon Chee

Some powerful shots from The Past that will surely cause some to loose their composure and shed some tears (if they dwell on these photos and recall their lost friendships.....) - Won't you say that Dr. Foo? Discount for clinic visits then, mate; for old time sakes?

Wong Chun Ngan and Swee Leng's Farewell party 6 October 1979

L6 Biology Class Photo 1979

Mak Kwai Choon's Departure For a Brighter Future 5 March 1980

Siew Foong's Farewell party 8 September 1979

Front Row: J.T. aka J.D., Yoong Ming, KC

2nd Row: Lau Peng Chew, Chan Siew Wah, Sing Soo Weng, Lai Mei Foong, Siew Foong, Yong 2x, Chen Sau Mau

3rd Row: Aw Khoon Shoon, Kiang Por, Yeoh Shih Jong, Teh King Them, Weng Soon?, Ong Weng Hin

4th Row: Seng Kian, Yee Wah, Kin Fong, Tuck Weng

More Siew Foong's Farewell Party Shots:-

Trip To Kampar Water Fall 1979


  1. This Pangkor Trip... for the life of me I cannot recall where we stayed. Was it on the beach?
    I do remember being stung by jelly fish on the beach in Emerald Bay. Seng Kian will remember this, too!

  2. Did anyone notice our friend SK was kind of parked next to the 4FABs?

  3. Was the KC photo taken at Ipoh Airport?

  4. It would appear SF was not in the picture in the farewell party shot?