Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snapshots of old Memories ..... Ipoh, Sam Tet, growing up, and old friends

and I am thinking of writing this blog to all of you fellow Hawaiians .....

A bit sentimental? Perhaps. Especially at past mid night on a Saturday morning. Perhaps because I am still wide awake, perhaps I am thinking where will this blog leads to ..... Well, (Ah Por will say, well, well, well the 3 wells. Funny how I remember he always says that!) I guess I will indulge myself and let my mind drift and wonder a little and see where this ends up?

I am thinking of, as the title of this blog says, what's stored in my brain cells of things of Ipoh.... Mostly I think of some street scenes and old buildings. Of places I had been and grown familiar with so much so they are forever edged in my mind. I AM SURE it's the same with you. I mean how can we forget? We will never forget. I can never forget the times I drove past the Ipoh Padang then over the bridge over Kinta River. The Kinta river bank where I had a fight with a classmate. The fight I had with Chun Ngan (now James) because he was provoked. The movies I went with Kee Mun where we didn't have to purchase tickets but paid kopi money to the penjaga tiket. Of the boy scout camps I went to at Lord Baden Powell Camp. Of the bicycle rides in the afternoons. Of the parties we went to as we grew older (mainly after Form 5). And the Pangkor trips I went to as a boy scout and also with the Form 6 classmates ......

What of the food? I can never get tired of the Ipoh food. Especially the Nasi Kandar opposite the Tanjung Rambutan Bus Station which is rumored to use ganja to cook its food.

Then of course our school ..... The good and bad. The bad is I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because I dream of cramping in studies for MCE exams! OK the occasions are rarer and rarer nowadays. But I know it was hell for me. What about being punished and having to carry our pants over our heads and running on the school corridor? What a torture? I still remember the look on the lady teacher's eyes when she saw this scene though I cannot remember her face and her name now. And of course our friend Mun Sook who so suddenly left us at such a young age .....

We have had fun times ..... camping, teasing each other, working hard on passing exams, (oh the competitive spirits of some of you were feisty!! Especially Ah Por, Wong Sir, Chen Kim Wah, Yuet Fai and Chee Hoong!!!) dreaming of our future, working on boy-girl relationships, sneaking out of the house to chase skirts (due to the high male testosterone no doubt), visiting each other and talking sweet nothing ..... the pretty care-free days, huh? So they should be. And I am glad we had care-free days!

And the girls. Wow the Ipoh girls were a class of their own! Ipoh produces beautiful girls because of the water they drink! Ha ha ha. Old wives' tale.

I am sure each and every one of you have your unique experiences but we share a common bond. I know it's a cliche. But it's true. Our paths crossed. We were part of that history and memory. AND WE STILL ARE .....

I cannot imagine we will ever have a Hawaii 100. Pretty darn hard and even if it was possible I would not want to be wheel chaired to attend the occasion, would you?

What about a Hawaii 6-0, 7-0 and 8-0. Quite possible. But it's not the same is it? There is only one Hawaii 5-0. And quite apart from the eating, drinking, and marry making we will again make history by coming together. A rare history. When we meet again it is reliving our past. More so than to plan for the future ..... When we hit 60, 70 and 80 years old. we may feel differently about our lives and circumstances. We may not be around anymore. Some may not make it. The reality is ..... we are much much older, more wrinkles, failed eyesight, and scarred by the battles of life.

So Hawaii 5-0 it is. On this night I think of my childhood, my Sam tet, my Ipoh, my old classmates. I hope these memories remain unchanged for me; for as long as I live .....


  1. Very representative indeed. The shots on the city appear to be more recent, since I see more cars, less trees and more concrete and tarmac surfaces. The food is unmistakable. Totally agreed with the descriptives. (Wei Han)