Monday, April 27, 2009

Photos Of the 80's Era .....

1980 to 1990, the prime of our lives ..... We were in our twenties, full of ambitions, yet tentative, stepping out of the bosoms of our family homes into the unknown ..... uni's, work places, relationships, maybe even permanent relationships for some .....

It was the period when we were shaping up our ideals, a time we pondered and charged ahead with vigor and energy. Do you have photos of your time in the world at work or at play or in higher education in the 1980's? Have a look inside your bottom drawers and if you find them, like Yoong Ming did, send them in because I think it would be fascinating to see what we were like and what we were doing .....

YM sent in this photo of Wan Juin shot in London

1983 - At a glider training in Regional Victoria - SP

1982 - Outside my flat at Dryburgh St, North Melbourne, OZ - SP

"With friends outside the Singapore World Trade Centre. We went there for the '81 Audio and Visual Exhibition'. All the exhibitors turned their amplifiers full blast and we all came out with a headache." Ha ha ha.... " - Atari Wong

(Ed: Peng Chiew looked a bit like 华大利 kaki? 乌龟's stance is quite recognizable over the years, huh?)

Yuet Fai and me, taken in Nantah 南大. Does it bring back any memories? All of us boys stayed in Block 1 of the hostel, and there was where I got my new nickname. :), Atari Wong.... ATARI!!!!



I joined Hewlett-Packard as a customer engineer in 85, and was sent to their training center in Rockville, Maryland that winter. This is a picture taken with some of my fellow trainees on graduation day. I really enjoyed my stay there, especially the weekend trips to the Washington DC Mall - Wong Sir

I also have some 'aeroplane' pictures. This one was taken in 85 on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid in New York - Wong Sir

(Ed: On the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, awesome ATARI!)


曾经年轻过, 岁月不饶人

Boon Chee, Kwai Choon & Kin Fong – Middle of the road in front of the house where BC & KF stayed -GRIK BOY

(Bell-bottom Jeans were no doubt in vogue!)

1982 – Mei Foong visited Sydney : Mei Foong, Soon Tong & Kin Fong at University of NSW -GRIK BOY


1986 – Foong Peng visited Sydney : Foong Peng & Kin Fong (no idea now where is that place) - GRIK BOY

(Ed: Sydney Uni?)

1988 – Sunday BBQ : Foong Peng, Seng Kian & wife (Anne) – BBQ at Hawkesbury River, Lane Cove - GRIK BOY

(Ed: GRIK BOY: Fuzzy hair style or semi-Afro was in fashion in 1988?)

Keng Weng alone in Genting?

Keng Weng alone in Sydney?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leong Yuet Fai 乌龟 .... Reminiscing The Past

This guy Leong Yuet Fai was a role model to many in the class, and the "envy" of the rest in the class. He was one of a few in the class that could spin answers to questions quicker than you can say, " I think the answer is ......". Among other classmates we admired and could come close to 乌龟 are Tuck Cheong, alias 小虫, Atari Wong, and Wong Sir; may be 鸡婆 and 阿波. Those were the days, of course, when exam results had a life of their own .....

Yuet Fai and his happy family live in Singapore

Yuet Fai have lived in Kiasu-land for donkey years, preferring the fast-paced life than a sedate life in the land-of-milk-and-honey-and-corrupt-people like many of us do. We are really glad he has now seen the errors of his ways and have re-established contacts with the rest of the all-so-runs in the original 1978 class ....

His recent emails to some of us have shown his potential in self-deprecation, and taking pork shots on himself. I am looking forward to seeing a recent photo shot of him and his better half. Enjoy.

(YF to Tali)

I am OK in Kiasu Land. Tan chiak tan chiak .....

No money to go oversea for studies, so went over the causeway as a compromise.

Since stuck here. Family too comfy to consider moving to & living in any other land to experience the exotics. So our (wife & I) sample "life in other lands" via our regional jobs. There were times we met in Changi Airport for coffee, she about to board a plane out & I just landed. Have since cut back on travel, thanks to the economic crisis.

Kiasu land being kiasu land. Bussssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyy lor. Wanna slow down somewhat to walk the beaches & smell the roses but hard to find the opportunity. Maybe also too kiasu to quit the rat race (a reminder that STOBA are all rats).

I am loyal supportor of Singapore Sweep (top prize $2.2mil). Small bet, 1 ticket of $3 every draw. My rationale, if some unseen forces intend to make me rich overnight, better not make his job too tough. Then I can retire and join BC to build homes, water purification plants, ... in Thailand.

Have been following the banters of the Young at Hearts on & off. You folks are entertaining.

(Shen to YF)

Those years in Sam Tet, you have been my role model and I always said, see how "clever" is YF, always # 1 in class with no effort, how come it is so difficult for me to study lor.

Kiasu Land has her charm, as long as we are happy how we live our life, any place will do. And you are right, you never know, what $3 might bring in. how much hope and anticipation $3 bring to our life ? Just that little dash of color & spices.

Enjoy all tha chatters from Wong sirs UMNO etc just great entainment

Keep it up

ps, Take that walk and smell all the roses!!!!

(YF to Wong Sir)

Thanks for pic. Block 1 Nantah Hostel. Yes, I recall.

Remember the common phone at Block 1 common lounge. Soon smart Alec discovered it could be used to make IDD & STD calls, free. Day & night, young ladies and men in whatever attires, queued to call home/friends for FREE. It wasn't months later that the hostel administrators discovered the huge bills, and started CSI work to trace the destination numbers. Those filial daughters/sons who called home got nailed. Those Casanovas who called boyfriends/girlfriends got away ... World is such, the good guys pay, the bad guys get away. Or the bad guys pay, the badder / baddest guys get away.

I was not among this crowd. Too lazy to queue for hours. I was among the few who worked hard for call time. Taped a thread to a coin, inserted it into the coin phone and deftly hanged the coin at the sweet spot. How long one could continue calling for free then depended on how skillful one was at feeling and staying at the sweet spot ...

Atari Wong! Everyone craved to give it a shot at your Atari console. Those Starwar days of Luke Skywalker, C3P0 and R2D2, holding a joystick to fly a spaceship, firing missiles and dodging hostile fires from left right front back top bottom was big big time. Hey! It's 3D animation! Of course, none came close to Wong Sir's record.

Friday, April 24, 2009

More Photo Contibutions From Andy .....


More digging. Now where's that shoe box?

She loves dancing. Taken during one of her performances.

Don't forget what Chut Ngeow said, "it is not real !"

Yuet Fai

Ed: Who is this PYT? We got to get the answer from YF .....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Contributions From Andy Leong ....

Andy was able to dig up some gold from his treasure boxes over the weekend .....

Dii Hwan's 杰作镜头 - Angles of Mercy

Kellies Castle in Batu Gajah. For many years, Kellies Castle has been shrouded in mystery. Today it's nicely restored and easy to reach from Ipoh. Unfortunately no one was able to produce any group photo of a phantom bicycle trip to Kellies as concocted by Kong Ho .....

Comment from Chut Chut:

It was not a cave - but some prehistoric paintings high up the cliff faces of the limestone hills.

The location is near the army camp in Tambun. Make a right turn some 2km from the Jusco Junction in Jalan Tambun, it is right there. I think it can be seen even from Jalan Tambun.

I can't recall whether we went to the hot spring. It was quite possible as the hot spring is nearby.

Prehistoric painting site visit in Tambun. Date circa 1977/1978?

Kneeling: 鸡婆, SP, Tuck Ming
Back Row: Gim Keat, 小孩子, Chen Shen, 肥佬, Tali, Yong 2x, 宝宝, Tong Leong, Aloysius Ong, Yuet Fai, 陈星, Yoon Keong

L6 Maths Class - All were predictably camera shy, except 陈星

陈星 again! We hope he can throw away his recent inhibitions and join us in conversation. We miss his frank and weirdo comments of his boyhood!

Below are 4 photos of a trip to Cameron Highlands after the MCE Exams. The tour was led by Wong Min Fah (老黄) and was ostensibly only extended to the elite 4 - Gim Keat, Kwai Choon, 乌龟 and Fook Kheong .....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner @ Bangsar 15 April 2009

Bangsar 饮饮杀杀(食食)

Two Puffin' Billies


One for the memory

Boon Chee seems to say " Smile, you're on candid camera"?
Does Shen look like a certain religious person?

Sam Tet Old Hecks With The FAB 3?

Ipoh Mari 2nd Round (Part 2)

More pictures sent in from Boon Chee .....

Bao Bao, Boon Chee, Tali, Tuck Cheong, Seng Kian, Yee Hong, Kee Mun, Hock Choong, Jeffery Ong

Snow Beer & Sing-along @ Summer Palace

The 3 Stooges @ the Snow Beer Stall @ Old Town. Don't play too much notice to where the hands were paced. It was nothing.

Another 3 Stooges .....

Hi Mum! We're just having Chinese tea, not Green Label!
Seng Kian: 你妈才相信你们这些酒鬼! Wong Sir才是乖仔!

Wong Sir: " it was funny that we have forgotten about what we have spoken the moment we left!" 哈 哈 哈 哈 !

光仔: 是这样才可以做的 。。。。。
Tong Leong: 这麽好做?
Tali: @#¥%。。。。。
Seng Kian: 痴线佬!鬼相信你嘛!

Tali: 我不是林蛋大

Boon Chee says you are a big politician (translation: where are the photos teken by this official photographer for Ipoh Mari 1 ??)


还是倆个乖仔, 三十年依然不变

It Pays To Be Honest!

UMNO's strategy of being HONEST, SINCERE, and LOVING wins the day! Brotherly courtesy, a desire to make another person happy, a positive mental attitude, and some help from Adi Da is the winning formula ....

Soo Weng, do you want to join us for dinner tomorrow? I can pick you up. I would like to have the honor, to show the so called 'good' friends that I am not so ancient after all, that I still have enough remaining charm to pick up a FAB lady.

You really know how to make me laugh [?] Adi Da must have said to you - make somebody happy everyday, you'll be plentifully blessed!
Love to join you guys, even great to be picked up! LOL...
Thanks, Yee!
See you all then!