Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Yummy Shots At Crocodile Farm's Gathering

三德 。。。。 鳄鱼潭。。。。饮食。。。。

Boon Chee Was So Busy That He Has Been Keeping These Yummy Photos Until Now : - ( The dinner was on 18-April-2009 )

Soo Weng's 1st appearance in 78er's gathering , so were Dr. Foo & his life partner !

Chut-Chut : Harlow ? Harlow ? Captain ? U want to see Au Chee & his life policy ?

Dr. Foo : Long time no see, Ek Kok !

The conference call with OZ is no good. We better have our conference makan.

Chut-Chut : I am a proud man tonight ! I finally made my first move since 1979.

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