Friday, May 29, 2009

From My Point of View on Stimulus......

A prominent Malaysian social economist

Chut - Chut : I vowed to have nothing to do with stimulants. But I find myself getting very involved in stimulants since the recent financial tsunami had hit Malaysia. I have not changed my despise for economy but our collective existence has changed so drastically in recent years that unless a different financial stimulus package ( such as the one from Dubai ) arises soon, we will not have a livable country very soon. This new stimulus requires an active participation from everybody – including yours and mine.

The best criteria of getting hot and wet is the thickness of your wallet. Your age, amount of hairs, size of waistlines never matters. Oh - you can get very salty and smelly and nobody cares !

Another prominent Malaysian social economist

PROF : Hmmn .... And I say with my vast qualifications and experience in Marketing huh, that we must market the country's resources and sell ourselves out of this very-difficult-to-forecast Global Financial Crisis. OK....hmmn..... we have petroleum (although forecast to run out soon), various metal ores like tin and amang (psst ..... I have a good friend in Ipoh he can sell very cheap if he wants to .....), and talented people (乌龟,Batcha, 鸡屎 etc etc) who are international and qualified people!

As for the GDP forecast, I think it is not difficult to do .... just add -5% to -5% and the 2009 GDP growth would be -10%, QED. I have no taste buds for salty, wet or sour but I can smell a rat from 10 miles away .... so to my competitor economist CHUT CHUT; bring it on!!!!!

Lastly, I am very easily stimulated. You cucuk me some more I will come out to pray pray with you !
Chut-Chut : I may not have the vast qualification as our Prof. friend. Let me present to you my Guru - Adi Ada ! 我已经差不多得到他的真传了, 你看我是不是越来越像我的Guru呢 ?
Adi Ada : 我唔系陈星 !你地有咩问题,即管放马过来!However, you better don't cucuk me ! If I come out.... hah... 你地就知死

PROF: A yoh yoh, CHUT CHUT 同 ADIDA. 我唔是 philosopher mah, 我是 Marketing Guru, the best in JB, Melbourne, Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore! 我师父 Professor Philip Kotler 是同我 same title 嘅 (PROFESSOR mah!). Philosophy 买唔到面包嘅 ..... 我地一定要卖我地嘅老底先有的救. Marketing lah, Marketing 可以打救我地啦!卖嘢啦, 卖身你最叻咯嘞!!!!
重有啊, 你唔好 STIM 我哇。 我叫鸡屎来打你一班色鬼嘅!死未?

Disclaimer: These are ficticious people and comments. The blog owners are not malicious in their intents and any misgivings are much regretted.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The 78er Softball Player !

THIS was his game !

Now he is game for THIS !

Jeffrey Ong : YEAH !(Come Out and Play????)

一定要逼他 (Jeff Ong) 出来讲话 。。。。。Please say "Yes Or No" ????? (Click On It)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeffrey Ong Joining The Race !

Jeffrey: Wong Sir, Tali, Kai Si... 唔好阻住我 !The ' new discovery ' is mine ! 我出山啦 !I sure win one !

Jeffrey: ( who was confused in his mathematics & asked his secretary ) : "If I give you $3 million less 17.5%, how much would you take off?"
Secretary: "Everything sir!" ..... 唔好阻住我 ! ...嗯... !.. 嗯..... ! ..唔..... ! ...噢..... !
Captain : (I really wonder why the secretary is making all these 唔..... ! ...噢..... ! noises? What's it all mean???)

Tali :
??????? Captain ??

Chut-Chut : Use your ' head ' mah, Captain . Like me !

Captain: Wah Tali, 我地又用 Google mail, 又用 Skype, 以家又用 Blog 来整古人?

Tali : Captain , 唔关我事咖 !呢个是你的Blog来嘎 !

Captain: 三德和尚同FABS BLOG mah 。。。。。

Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a DARK day again !

Chut-Chut is seriously thinking why he was wearing ' white ' shirt in Seri Petaling ?
He should have worn ' black ' like BC ! Now the Ngar Choy Gai town is in the Dark again !

Chut-Chut is protesting by remaining silent & may be the ' hunger strike ' !
But, the 1978ers are protesting that he is missing from action for the last few days !

Chut-chut, Chut-chut; where are you???? We don't want "white"..... we don't want "black"..... we SUPERMAN!

Chut - Chut : This is the job... for.... SUPER CHUT !!!!

CHUT-CHUT: 我要这架!

Captain : 你就想喔! 昵架就有份呢!

Chut-Chut : 呢架老爷交通工具,是我三十年前的财产。都被你地揾到,佩服 !佩服!不过,我已家会自己飞来飞去,唔要呢架野啰。。。。!留给Captain Oz 吧 !

WONG SIR: 系咩?甘。。。 坐我呢架嘞!


22 Mat 2009

The "Z某 vs N某 Fight" continues after round 3 in Ngar Choy Gai Town????

CHUTCHUT: Ooi, I am down but not out! Tali help! Kee Mun, Wong Sir; 搬你马仔来 。。。。。

好嘞, CHUT CHUT, 你唔仕怕怕! 我地三德和尚来了!!!

哈哈哈 。。。。。 Z 某; 收屍吧!

哈! 哈!哈!

广仔 :哈!哈!哈!终於可以睇到Captain的相片了!

牙老虎 :我无眼睇啊 !

Captain: 嘿, TALI, 你好嘢喔!

广仔 :Yeah ! Captain , 你吹咩 ?

Captain: 你

Captain's Photos

Captain & Old Friends in kopitiam ( OZ's version ) !

Captain : 这是我的爱人!大家 Merry Christmas !

Something that the captain didn't show you in the blog !!

Captain: 哇! TALI 你好叻啊 !( 你因住来嗄 !)
TALI, 第相很旧喔! 2008 年咯波 ! (老婆 ?) 甘。。。,2009 喇 ???
2009 都是一样!但是三十年前就 handsome D!!! 哈哈哈 死唔死?

Tali : 哇 !Handsome 到飞起 !好像 Superman ... !

Tali, Superman? 都无穿 Superman 制服的??

Wah 鸡屎的无价之宝 ART????

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ipoh Kopitiam Again !

For the sake of our Very ' Inch ' Person from Dubai, we had 2 kopitiam sessions in Ipoh on 21st May 2009 :-
This one , the 车大炮篇 :-

鸡屎 :我地 Dubai 钟意 Made in Malaysia 嘚,唔钟意 Made in China 嚄 !

Wong Sir : 哦,Miss..... 你钟意饮 kopi-O 呵 ,我钟意饮 Coke 嚄。我地听晚又来过吓 ?

猫精 :喂 , beh tahan 啦。Tali,... 你唔好阻住啦 !我要映像啊 !哎呀... 无得 zoom 嘎 ?

Tali : 嘿!嘿 !.......... ( 锇鬼洗衫粉 ?)..... !!!???

(Ed: 无嘢做.... 车下大炮啰 ... 都 OK 喔 !!!

尼一个 DUBAI 淫湿佬想 。。。。。囖人电话 number 。。。。 揾 WONG SIR 同 TALIPOON 囖啦.....

车大炮, 车大炮, 车大炮, 车大炮, 车大炮

Looking for a long lost friend !

Seen this lost boy ?
江湖大佬 is looking for him for over 29 years !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Old Friends Meet Again in Ipoh Kopitiam

Ipoh Kopitian 21 May

Kee Mun and Kai Chee discussed 国家大事 。。。。。

Aiyah, this little guy was being illusive with us on the emails before we saw him again in Ipoh this trip. We said we would shake him down and we did. 我们不会放过他的, 嘿嘿。。。


我? 我是 DUBAI 来的嘞, 整飞机噶! (又是这“屎”话?)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A short video on the short guy during Sri Petaling dinner

@#$%^&* ?????

鸡屎 in Action !

Kee Mun: This little guy from Dubai drank all the liquid!

Kai Chee: 嘿, 湿湿砂嘞! 喔 DUBAI 来咯喔! 整飞机咯喔!再来三支嘞!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

大城堡第三长篇輭 。。。。。(PART III) BY TALI 哥

大 家 高 笑 快 乐

Part 3 - The Bosses

After 30 + years out of Sam Tet, a lot of the guys have become ' Boss ' in one way or another.

But all these ' bosses ' are still young at heart & also look ' young ' , some are even still ' young & naive ' ! Ha ! Ha !

We have professionals from all walks of life gathered in this relaxing environment, enjoying the fond memories of the past, creating a rowdy scene of laughters & jokes.
What can you expect with a total of over one-thousand-and-one-hundred-years ' OLD ' boys and old girls put together ??

Here's the answer : -

Special Guest Star - Philip 阿壮

Special Guest Star - 鸡婆

Special Guest Star - 无牙老虎

Special Guest Star - 美凤

Special Guest Star - 鸡屎

嘿嘿嘿 我是 DUBAI 来的。 整飞机噶!"天屎"来噶!

Special Guest Star- 马陆

心 中 的 说 话 。。。。。感 激 感 激!

Dear Tali,

I must thank you on behalf of all the uncles and half of Fab 4 for taking the trouble to capture those images and very acute commentory that captures the atmosphere and pleasure of seeing each other after all these time.

One of the uncles also said that, thanks to our pilot captain who started this blog and effort of enlisting the left and right co-pilot like you and KM So, with gunners such as UMNO, Wong Sir, with remote controllers from Aussie land that make the last few gatherings possible. This one, with Ek Kok & Kong Ho as the organizers, has put a lot of smiles on our faces

Again "Well done" to all those that make this gathering so memorable. 大家 ENJOY!




Ek Kok's Heart-felt Reply 大家 HAPPY!

Big Thank you to Kong Ho.

Thanks to every one of you. Without you all, it is not possible to have the gathering rolling and organized.

Thank you especially to Philip who said yes to joining us at the Friday gathering. His "rare and sudden appearing" attracted many to come. So were the other stars of the evening, Leong Chee Hoong, Thong Khai Chee, Loke Chee Keen, Lai Mei Foong and Wong Chun Ngan.

Chut Ngeow (the very first fellow that OK, and OK all the way no matter where the dinner is organized), Boon Chee, Yoke Can, Fook Kheong, Yee Hong. If these good old buddies did not say yes, you think it was so easy to organize the gathering?

In fact, Tauke Jeffrey Ong did not "let go aeroplane". He was most supportive. When I phoned him at Ipoh, he was so happy and looked forward to meeting Philip. He was extremely excited to have Philip as our "guest of honor". Being a businessman, sometimes, we had to "give and take" for his absence.

I also would like to give respect to "uncle Fook Kheong". At this age, he is marvelous in stamina and health. I thought that he wasstill in Hong Kong and Beijing. I least expected him to touch down at KL so soon, joined us for the dinner, and continued chapter 2 after the dinner.

The attendance from others are very encouraging. The moment the SMS or phone calls were made, without a second thought, everybody said "YES I WILL COME".

Of course, I highly appreciate "Ipoh Mari". A big thank you to Tali, Kee Mun, Tong Leong, and Tuck Cheong.

Despite several SMS and phone calls, the only missing person that did not respond is our respectable honorific Doctor Chin Yew Sin. He remains "elusive". I hope next time Doctor Chin will at least respond, or join us. No matter what, we will welcome you, Yew Sin.

大家 高 兴

下 次 再 会!