Friday, March 27, 2009

From Kin Fong's Shoe Box Out Come These Gems .....

This is sedate. Do you think these photos are like the ones we took last week?

Pangkor Island Trip 1979

Front Row: Cheam Suan Hing, Ng Chun Mun, Yeoh Shih Jong, Aw Khoon Shoon, (?)

2nd Row: Yoong Ming, Kin Fong, John Travolta (the pilot), Seng Kian, KC, Chin Wei Keong, Boon Chee, Chee Hoong, Ang Beng Heng, (?), Lee Weng Soon

3rd Row: (?), Ah Kan, Ong Weng Hin, Pau Peng Chiew, Tuck Weng, (?), Heng Ek Kok, (?)

4th Row: Mo Tan, Siew Foong, Cheong Fong Chin, (?), Foong Peng, Poh Swee Ling, Chee Yew Moay, Chok Siow Kim, Lee Kah Choo, Chun Ngan's wife, Lai Mei Foong, Sing Soo Weng, Goh Chew Hiong, Ong Peik Choo, Ooi Chui Lin

5th Row: Chen Sau Mau 阿茂, Chan Siew Wah

Lower Six Class Photo???

Front Row: Chok Siow Kim, Poh Swee Ling, Goh Chew Hiong, Chen Shen, Prof Dr 陈星, Mr Ling Tien Sing (Teacher), Chut Ngeow, Siew Yee Wah

2nd Row: Ah Kan, Foong Peng, Teh King Yew, Lau Peng Chiew, Jayabalan Velusamy, Yeoh Shih Jong, Kin Fong, Tuck Cheong, Boon Chee, Kiang Por, Weng Seng, Mo Tan

3rd Row: KC, ??, Aw Khoon Shoon, Yong 2x, John Travolta (with the sweaty armpit), Assit. John Travolta Tuck Weng (with the sweaty armpit), Heng Ek Kok, Chong Weng Sung, Ah Kan

1st and 2nd guy: Hostel mates from NUS/NTU.
3rd: Dr. Lee Weng Soon (aka Dr. Livingston, classmate from L/U 6 Bio, went to study dentistry in NUS, still in Singapore I think.)
4th: Ms. Yong Seow Kin (L6M classmate, left early to study mechanical engineering in NUS on an Asean scholarship, still in Singapore.)
5th seated: Yours obsequiously (who got booted out of Singapore, and is currently a lowly '量地官‘ in Ipoh.)
5th standing: Lau Peng Chew (aka 劉老八 on account that he is one of the nosiest guys around,classmate from L/U6 M, studied civil engineering in NUS, and still in Singapore.)
6th: Peng Chew's lovely 'prison warden' (whom he snagged in his workplace, or was it the other way round?)
7th: KF's lovely wifey.
8th: The man himself.
9th: The famous KC Mak of 'KC and the Sunshine Band' fame.
10th: Who's this handsome young fellow who's got his father's ears? :)
11th: The awesome 'mutant ninja turtle' who left us during L6 to study architecture in NUS on an Asean scholarship. Still in Singapore.
12th: The ever popular Yong Squared. (who reminded us seriously to remember to sweep the classroom floor everyday before he left to study in SingPoly, currently serving back-to -back life sentences in Singapore because he‘ 搞出人命’ there.) :)

(Above contribution from Wong Sir 小虫

What some people wanted to know and had put the question to the Editor/Kerani is " When did Kin Fong start to date Foong Peng behind our backs?" KF, please explain. You need to account for your actions of the past!


  1. GRIK wants to keep his privacy intact, despite the dating started 30 years ago... So we will not know the inside track unfortunately.

  2. I just noticed that some of us boys sported longer hair style that we were allowed... We used to hide this from teachers and prefects... Seng Kian and I used to be guilty of this act because we were part of the higher food chain yet we flaunt the rule... Those were fun times.