Monday, March 30, 2009

Photos From The Past Contributed BY Yoong Ming & Boon Chee

Some powerful shots from The Past that will surely cause some to loose their composure and shed some tears (if they dwell on these photos and recall their lost friendships.....) - Won't you say that Dr. Foo? Discount for clinic visits then, mate; for old time sakes?

Wong Chun Ngan and Swee Leng's Farewell party 6 October 1979

L6 Biology Class Photo 1979

Mak Kwai Choon's Departure For a Brighter Future 5 March 1980

Siew Foong's Farewell party 8 September 1979

Front Row: J.T. aka J.D., Yoong Ming, KC

2nd Row: Lau Peng Chew, Chan Siew Wah, Sing Soo Weng, Lai Mei Foong, Siew Foong, Yong 2x, Chen Sau Mau

3rd Row: Aw Khoon Shoon, Kiang Por, Yeoh Shih Jong, Teh King Them, Weng Soon?, Ong Weng Hin

4th Row: Seng Kian, Yee Wah, Kin Fong, Tuck Weng

More Siew Foong's Farewell Party Shots:-

Trip To Kampar Water Fall 1979

Friday, March 27, 2009

Soo Weng says " Stand By Me ..... "

March 27: Someone " commented in the "Comment" that this Ed/Kerani why he worked so fast in posting this particular blog post. The reason for fairness sake and to clear the "foul air" that this individual created; is that this Ed/Kerani "has nothing better to do" and his middle name is "Fast Eddie" mah, CAPISCH? He he he.....

We have a first dedication from a rose to all the monks and thorns and so to commemorate the occasion we will blog the event .....

(Let's face it, Tali was pretty happy about the prospects?! Is Tali the perennial representation of the monks to the nuns? Maybe he is? )

Really envy those of you who have (so much leisure) time to contribute to this blog... haha

Anyway, came across this and I would like to dedicate this to all of you.

Stand By Me

Have a great weekend!

Soo Weng

Lyrics of the song

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we see
No I wont be afraid
No I wont be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darling, darling stand by me
Oh, now, now, stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountain should crumble to the sea
I wont cry, I wont cry
No I wont shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darling, darling stand by me
Oh, stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

Whenever youre in trouble wont you stand by me
Oh, now, now, stand by me
Oh, stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

Darling, darling stand by me
Stand by me
Oh stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

Can SW send me a recent photo for inclusion to this post? One taken in your favourite outfit lah, of course. This is a request from Tali ( I am taking a bit of licence here)......

From Kin Fong's Shoe Box Out Come These Gems .....

This is sedate. Do you think these photos are like the ones we took last week?

Pangkor Island Trip 1979

Front Row: Cheam Suan Hing, Ng Chun Mun, Yeoh Shih Jong, Aw Khoon Shoon, (?)

2nd Row: Yoong Ming, Kin Fong, John Travolta (the pilot), Seng Kian, KC, Chin Wei Keong, Boon Chee, Chee Hoong, Ang Beng Heng, (?), Lee Weng Soon

3rd Row: (?), Ah Kan, Ong Weng Hin, Pau Peng Chiew, Tuck Weng, (?), Heng Ek Kok, (?)

4th Row: Mo Tan, Siew Foong, Cheong Fong Chin, (?), Foong Peng, Poh Swee Ling, Chee Yew Moay, Chok Siow Kim, Lee Kah Choo, Chun Ngan's wife, Lai Mei Foong, Sing Soo Weng, Goh Chew Hiong, Ong Peik Choo, Ooi Chui Lin

5th Row: Chen Sau Mau 阿茂, Chan Siew Wah

Lower Six Class Photo???

Front Row: Chok Siow Kim, Poh Swee Ling, Goh Chew Hiong, Chen Shen, Prof Dr 陈星, Mr Ling Tien Sing (Teacher), Chut Ngeow, Siew Yee Wah

2nd Row: Ah Kan, Foong Peng, Teh King Yew, Lau Peng Chiew, Jayabalan Velusamy, Yeoh Shih Jong, Kin Fong, Tuck Cheong, Boon Chee, Kiang Por, Weng Seng, Mo Tan

3rd Row: KC, ??, Aw Khoon Shoon, Yong 2x, John Travolta (with the sweaty armpit), Assit. John Travolta Tuck Weng (with the sweaty armpit), Heng Ek Kok, Chong Weng Sung, Ah Kan

1st and 2nd guy: Hostel mates from NUS/NTU.
3rd: Dr. Lee Weng Soon (aka Dr. Livingston, classmate from L/U 6 Bio, went to study dentistry in NUS, still in Singapore I think.)
4th: Ms. Yong Seow Kin (L6M classmate, left early to study mechanical engineering in NUS on an Asean scholarship, still in Singapore.)
5th seated: Yours obsequiously (who got booted out of Singapore, and is currently a lowly '量地官‘ in Ipoh.)
5th standing: Lau Peng Chew (aka 劉老八 on account that he is one of the nosiest guys around,classmate from L/U6 M, studied civil engineering in NUS, and still in Singapore.)
6th: Peng Chew's lovely 'prison warden' (whom he snagged in his workplace, or was it the other way round?)
7th: KF's lovely wifey.
8th: The man himself.
9th: The famous KC Mak of 'KC and the Sunshine Band' fame.
10th: Who's this handsome young fellow who's got his father's ears? :)
11th: The awesome 'mutant ninja turtle' who left us during L6 to study architecture in NUS on an Asean scholarship. Still in Singapore.
12th: The ever popular Yong Squared. (who reminded us seriously to remember to sweep the classroom floor everyday before he left to study in SingPoly, currently serving back-to -back life sentences in Singapore because he‘ 搞出人命’ there.) :)

(Above contribution from Wong Sir 小虫

What some people wanted to know and had put the question to the Editor/Kerani is " When did Kin Fong start to date Foong Peng behind our backs?" KF, please explain. You need to account for your actions of the past!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Name Is Chin Yew Sin ......


(YS to SP)
My name is Chin Yew Sin. 我叫 陈耀星

(KH to KF)
Thank you for the video clip.


(KH to Tali)
令狐冲..吃....清蒸金凤 + 四大天王 + 咖哩山猪肉 + 清蒸lala ...喝 GUINNESS STOUT 后高歌...笑傲江湖

我虽是诗仙李白的..."chu lai"......那些都不是我的大作.....我只会投机取巧....cut & paste....

Seong Pin大人..请高抬贵手.....帮我换个名堂......Copy Rights Act可不是好玩的....到时可人在江湖...身不由己loh

(SP to KF)
陈星 was 诗人? Wow! That makes sense! But he is no longer making noises @ creating poems nowadays, is it? 陈星, are you? Can you speak for yourself? We would like some clarifications if you care to reply?

As for 江湖。。。。 江湖 can you let me know your true identity? Are you really 令狐冲? Really??

(KF to SP)

BTW, 诗人– is the nick name for 陈星 given by the girls in Lower Six.

P/S This is a social Blog and a forum for those 三德和尚 1978ers who make the occasional deprecatory remarks regarding themselves and others without any ill intentions. We sincerely apologize to those who suffer emotional trauma or feel they have been defamed! Consequently this Blog Owner is not liable for any legal lawsuits thereof.

和尚 in the background swearing @#$%^&*???!!!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

鸡屎鸡屎我爱你! Guinness, Guinness 我爱你!

Guiness Stout, It's Good For You!

This guy Thong Kai Chee is an elusive, mysterious and cheeky bugger. We love him and we adore him! Here's his article on the virtues of Guinness Stout. Enjoy!

Hi, about the subject of Guinness Stout, it is reaaaally a good branded beer in the world. It has been more than 20 years in history ( maybe older than Australia or USA founded year ) and is originally founded in Ireland. Its delicious taste and famous solely ingredient till now no other brewery company can similitude. And I quite sure and remembered during our primary school time, there are two beer advertisement in the cinema showtime, one is anchor beer and the other one is Guiness Stout. The picture showed that there is a lorry carrying log and was driving along the jungle path. And then a man showed was drinking a cup of G.Stout. he sighhhhhh….. after drank and his face was showing something satisfactory……..and his spirit is high………..then he become a reaaallll man…… lady loved him…. Girl liked him…. Hey, guys , what about you???? then after that, a music is on…. De de de de de … Guinness Stout.. it’s good for you…… dun know how long time is it after disappearing from the cinema advertisement..

Come on guys,, cheer cherrr till bottom up.

Kee Mun, What is up now. Still busy or boring all night long???

Cheers …cheers….

Cheerio,, cheerio..


Guinness Stout Ad (Not The Original Malaysian One Lah!)

Guinness Stout - Starlight!

Sunday, March 22, 2009



(As for a lot of us we do not expect ourselves to hold such a high standard of Chinese!)

Yok Seng,

50 years is approaching.............55 years old is a an official time for retirement.....but definately i can't cos still alot of commitments.................. What i can do now is for every challenges encoutered...think positive.....feel courageous.....act proactive....山重水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村...

Fook Kheong told me he had practiced this 30 years ago..........


This time our "Chan Seng" has not come to my rescue, so i have to turn to
the "net" for SOS.......

◎ 干戈 gāngē

[weapons of war;] 干与戈,古代常用兵器。比喻战争


辛苦遭逢起一经,干戈寥落四周星。——宋· 文天祥《过零丁洋》


邦分崩离析而不能守也,而谋动干戈于邦内,吾恐季孙之忧,不在 颛臾,而在萧墙之内也。


Kai Chee,

I remember it is the other way round!!!

Anyway, 沧海一声笑 Ha......ha.........ha.........一笑泯恩仇.........


Kin Fong,
any prize for the 1st to response upon your request?


Kong Ho

琵琶行 白居易

潯陽江頭夜送客 楓葉荻花秋瑟瑟 主人下馬客在船 舉酒欲飲無管弦

醉不成歡慘將別 別時茫茫江浸月 忽聞水上琵琶聲 主人忘歸客不發

尋聲暗問彈者誰 琵琶聲停欲語遲 移船相近邀相見 添酒回燈重開宴

千呼萬喚始出來 猶抱琵琶半遮面 轉軸撥弦三兩聲 未成曲調先有情

弦弦掩抑聲聲思 似訴生平不得志 低眉信手續續彈 說盡心中無限事

輕攏慢撚抹復挑 初為霓裳後六么 大弦嘈嘈如急雨 小弦切切如私語

嘈嘈切切錯雜彈 大珠小珠落玉盤 閒關鶯語花底滑 幽咽流景水下灘

水泉冷澀弦凝絕 凝絕不通聲漸歇 別有幽愁暗恨生 此時無聲勝有聲

銀瓶乍破水漿迸 鐵騎突出刀鎗鳴 曲終收撥當心畫 四弦一聲如裂帛

東船西舫悄無言 惟見江心秋月白 沈吟放撥插弦中 整頓衣裳起斂容

自言本是京城女 家在蝦蟆陵下住 十三學得琵琶成 名屬教坊第一部

曲罷常教善才服 妝成每被秋娘妒 五陵年少爭纏頭 一曲紅綃不知數

鈿頭銀篦擊節碎 血色羅裙翻酒污 今年歡笑復明年 秋月春風等閒度

弟走從軍阿姨死 暮去朝來顏色故 門前冷落車馬稀 老大嫁作商人婦

商人重利輕別離 前月浮梁買茶去 去來江口守空船 繞船明月江水寒

夜深忽夢少年事 夢啼妝淚紅闌干 我聞琵琶已歎息 又聞此語重唧唧

同是天涯淪落人 相逢何必曾相識 我從去年辭帝京 謫居臥病潯陽城

潯陽地僻無音樂 終歲不聞絲竹聲 往近湓城地底濕 黃蘆苦竹繞宅生

其間日暮聞何物 杜鵑啼血猿哀鳴 春江花朝秋月夜 往往取酒還獨傾

豈無山歌與村笛 嘔啞嘲晰難為聽 今夜聞君琵琶語 如聽仙樂耳暫明

莫辭更坐彈一曲 為君翻作琵琶行 感我此言良久立 卻坐促弦弦轉急

淒淒不似向前聲 滿座重聞皆掩泣 座中泣下誰最多 江州司馬青衫濕

Yok Seng,

Copy & Paste again in response to your query.......

令狐冲..吃....清蒸金凤 + 四大天王 + 咖哩山猪肉 + 清蒸lala ...喝 GUINESS STOUT 后高歌...笑傲江...那些都不是我的大作.....我只会投机取巧....cut & paste....


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something To Share With You Guys .....

Mr Tali Poon (not Talipon) in his most opulent office pretending he is hard at work. We are sure he ruffled the stack of paperwork on his desk before the photo opportunity to "look good"
while composing the following "Insightful Message" to Stoba 1978ers
(Truth Be Told He Is Serving The 1978ers Community Well With His Time And Sense Of Humour)

Hi Guys,

I also have something to share with you guys, but I don't like politics ( although I could not avoid it ), and I do not to be lock-up like RPK.

So, here there go :

( Latest news from the Shipping / Logistic community during an after-hour-drink session that happen in Ipoh )

- 5 out of 10 largest shipping lines in the world are facing very serious financial dificulties ; might collapse in the worse ;

- near to 400 vessels around the world have been docked ;

- a numbers of planes had been groundedby reputable airlines round the world ;

- a very large Japanese shipping line has scrapped their order of 3 units 12,000 teus Mega Carriers ;

- many shipping liners ( including world top ) are implementing VSS round the globe ;

- the ocean freight rate had dropped to an unbelievable level ( USD 10.00 for 1 x 20' GP From Port Klang to Bangkok ! )

- many liners are unable to sustain with such low rate.

( On the other hand ) (Ed: Tali's speech rivals that of our infamous Prof. Dr. Ir.)

- LKF is snapping hot-air ballon out of his office window ; sips coffee with the lovely wife after dinner ( still enjoying life ) ;

- CSP still fly around in his single seater ; calling buddy with his Skype ; updating the STOBA blog ( enjoying life too ) ;

- SKM , PYS, FWB, WTC & LCK have planned for a happy hour session this weekend ( can enjoy life too ) ;

- TKC is still going around the Earth ( looking for something to enjoy ) ;

- Dr. FYM is busy attending to patients ( you've to look after your teeth, whether it's crisis or not ) ;

- LKH is happy negotiating ;

- YCN is having a good laugh at <> ;

- KC Mak keeps on rocking ;

- Jeffrey OKP worries nothing ( still enjoy singing, golfing & .... ) ;

- TSK, CTL enjoy the quiet semi-retire life ( without having to write to these guys ) ;

- Prof. Dr. CYS still pursuing his life greatest achivement ;

- LTV, LYF, LCH, KTM, SYW enjoy their life without the disturbance from the uncles' gang.

Are you enjoying you life ? Or are you worrying about the Crisis ?

It is a Wonderful World. Enjoy. Life has to go on.


Additional comment from a Blogger:-
LBC and SFK are planning to be the next Australand or Sunrise Bhd of Oz
CYY, CKP and LYF are counting their CPF nest eggs and hoping that Temasek has not squandered away their retirement funds
The rest of the Stoba 1978 Malaysians who contribute to EPF are wishing that the KWSP declared dividend for 2008 was 10.5% and not 4.5%

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Is Very Apt For Mak Kwai Choon And Chong Dii Hwan










马来西亚华人:这样你''很不 ''

马来西亚华人:你真是pan nai(源自马来语pandai,聪明的意思)

马来西亚华人:你diam diam(源自马来语diam,安静的意思)













马来西亚华人:bek chek






Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking Down Memory Lane Again .....

School Campfire

Back Of Class Photo 1976

Back Of Class Photo 1973

I was going through some old photos (again) tonight and found these "interesting" pictures. One was, and I cannot recall what event it was, showing Tali, 乌龟,and 小孩子。It must have been taken during some sort of a class camp fire or something like that.

At the back of 2 class photos - 1973 and 1976 I found signatures penned by various class mates. Can you point out who these people were? I am sure you can infer from the signatures who the signers are even though the signatures would have evolved to other forms ......

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Another Reunion Meeting @ Crocodile Farm Restaurant Subang Jaya .....

This time in Subang Jaya on 6 Feb 2009.....

Boon Chee, Kong Ho, Fook Kheong and SP

In the evening of Friday Feb 6 I met up with Boon Chee, Kong Ho and Fook Kheong @ Crocodile Farm Restaurant in Subang Jaya for a "KL Sam Tet reunion dinner". I put this in inverted commas because it was hardly a well-attended dinner. Nonetheless it was a reunion dinner all right. It has been 30 years since I last met these former classmates and it was sure good to meet over cold beers and a sumptuous meal. These guys were great because they especially set up the reunion knowing I was in KL. Thanks Boon Chee, Kong Ho and Fook Kheong. We also made tentative arrangements to meet more fellow classmates on the 2oth Feb.

P/S: I did not say it at the time, but these guys can drink!

A Lunch Time Well Spent

Dear Friends:

Friday 27 Feb I finally managed to have an opportunity to meet a dear ex-teacher, Mrs Tham. All of you remember her and so some news on this meeting for you.... I am sure our super elephant memory person (you-know-who) will comment on this post with some of his observations of past conversations and acts about Mrs Tham and Sam Tet that will no doubt add some "colours" to the painting.....

Mrs Tham and I met at The Curve because it would be easy for the both of us. I wanted to have pizza on that day and so we settled for the Italiannie restaurant on The Street as Mrs Tham was easy with food. In fact she only had one slice of a Margarita Pizza.... We caught up on old times. She retired from teaching in 1998 and she now lives in PJ.

I managed to tell her about all the 1978 friends I have met during this trip to Singapore, KL and Ipoh. To my surprise she remembered most of the names of her ex- students. She is in contact with several ex- students of Sam Tet mainly through emails.

Mrs Tham was very courteous and friendly. She was a "good friend" to us at school because she was enthusiastic in her profession and she was not that much older than us. I extended to her our invite to be at the 2010 Ipoh Reunion if the timing was right for her. It was a brief meeting and a lunch but we managed to touch base and to link up.

Singapore Reunion

Ah Bor & Yong Square

Now that I am back to Melbourne I can upload this photo I took during the recent Singapore trip. We hope they get to meet us next year.