Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sri Petaling ! Ek Kok is Coming Again !


Ek Kok :
Dear class members , It is celebration time again. The dinner gathering is on.
Venue = Sri Petaling Sea Food Restaurant (the same old place)
Date = 11 June Thursday
Time = 7.30 pm

Fook Kheong : Ee Kok, Please quickly go and arrange another one. We are all very hungry and thirsty now.

Ek Kok : 睇吓 !流口水呒 !快的来 Sri Petaling 啦 !

TALI (塔里): 真掺!我唔去得! 无得食囖!!!

KEE MUN: 你自己食自己嘞!!!

塔里: 我又无得饮喔....

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