Friday, April 30, 2010


The highlight of Hawaii 50 was the Dinner held at The Oversea Restaurant. The food was good, the service impeccable, the golden liquid was even better; at least to those who desired them! One thing for sure, there were quite a few damaged livers after the dinner .....

The company and companionship was the highlight of the dinner event. We renewed friendships and camaraderie; and made promises that "We will see you again next year".

Special thanks to all the teachers who attended the dinner. Your presence made a big difference.

Special mention is due of those who have come from far away lands - from Shanghai, Dubai and Singapore. KL folks, we appreciate your presence too.

Can HAWAII 51 top this? We shall see. KL folks we are looking forward to your show!

Yong2x: Mrs Chong, did you know I was your big secret admirer. I still admire you! What are you doing after dinner?

Mrs Chong: Oh .... a secret admirer. Er .... not tonight, OK?
Wong Sir: Oh..... This hurts!

Dii Hwan: 啊哟哟 Mr Wong, my hair is grey also, don't feel so bad about yours .....
Tali: #$%^&*(

SP: Shorty, Toddy+ Black Dog? Take this!
Tali: Kai See do you need help?

Kai See: I know Kong Jai's secrets .....

Tali: Wah ..... Extraordinary woh ..... 娇滴滴

Au Chee: Ek Kok, your mom is here!

Kai See: I am Ip Mun ! See my fists? Bruce Lee was my student and LKY is my ....

马来西亚 BOLEH!!

Yum Sing = Damaged livers

Fook Kheong: Let your horse come over here! (放马过来)


Kai See: Wah what's happening to the Fab 3??? Wah money on the floor? 钱, 钱, 钱, 钱!!!

Khoon Soon: 我不敢了!放过我吧!

Yum Sing = Damaged livers

Kee Mun: You remember Muscle Man owe me this favor from 1978?
Mrs Muscle Man: Aiyah I don't know you guys lah! Always talk rubbish!

Muscle Man: Mmmmm .... Tonight we shall .....

Fook Kheong: (A guilty hug for you my dear) %^&*&^

Muscle Man to wife: I didn't do it. It was Fei Lo .....

Aiyoh, got caught this time ..... 

Yum Sing = Damaged livers
Boon Chee: I am not joining in!!!

Kee Mun: Drink till you're dead!

Thanks for all the lessons you taught us in school (yet we still failed to understand!)

三德班长与副班长: 哈哈哈 Ha ha ha .... What the %^%$#$%?

Mr Chee: Kee Mun, I am scared of you .... Are you?? Where is the homework you owed me??

Philip: Oh no. I forgot to submit my homework to Mr Chee too!

Ek Kok: You know I was tough and strong back in 1978? 想当年。。。。 

Chut Chut: All the philosophy did not work!! What the ^&*(#$%? 啊魔, 啊魔!


Mei Foong: I didn't do it Ek Kok! Don't pay me the money!

Yong2x: I didn't see all the cash changing hands ..... I am from Singapore, a fine city!


Big enough? It was the invention of the year in 1978!


鸡屎我淫你! 我, 我, 我淫你

来了! 爱仔!

Chen Shen: Burp, burp ....
Wong Sir: I can't see ....
Philip: I can't see ....

Kee Mun: You must know where to eat and shit and then wipe off the evidence from your mouth

Kai See: Hock Choong, wait till you see the aeroplanes I maintain in Dubai

Kai See: I am from Dubai woh. No special treatment for me meh? I want Toddy + Black Dog, foot massage, Fab 3, and Mr Chee to say sorry to me!!!

Ok, ok.... Black Dog for you. Drink till you are brainless!

James: I am so touched by your friendship that I wanna cry!
Kim Wah + Fei Lo + Yuet Fai + Ek Kok: Pai Seh lah!

Ek Kok: You don't know meh? Tonight is Hawaii 50 mah!
Kong Jai: Ya kah? I thought it was my usual Toddy + Black Dog night...

Fei Lo: I 啊, you should know who I am mah? I like to use my finger
Kong Ho: Wow .... You are so ..... Man!

Fei Lo: I like to use my finger

Fei Lo: I like to use my finger 吗, see my finger???

鸡屎: I also 立刻 use my fingers! 2 fingers!

Park Chee: You buggers 啊 .... OK let me show you who is the Sam Tet rep here - ME!

Boon Chee: Let's give face to Mr Chee. Let him do the honor of slicing off my finger .... Every one agrees?

Chut Chut to Kim Wah: Only you can understand my philosophy!

Boon Chee: Hm Hm Hm. What lines to pull now?

Muscle Man - big show off

Muscle Man - now we know what takes place in your bed room

Chen Shen: Mr Chee, how much do I owe you back in 1978?

Boon Chee: Ya kah? Sure meh?

Head down ass up? Sure I can do that!

Cheap cheap only mah!

Mrs Soo says the Biology lesson is over for you 50 years old, OK!

Fook Kheong: Yes Mr Wong, I was the one who screwed up and we lost the volleyball finals match to STAR in 1978.

Mr Chee: Wah you are still so big size huh?

Mr Chee: Only you .... I am so lonely

The Fab 3, oh how we loved them! (Some still harbor secret love for them....)