Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Lisa : Hi ! My name is Lisa. I am from KL. I am working with one of the STOB 1978er as secretary.You want my phone number ? Oh ..No... I cant' tell you.... I've to ask my boss first...!
猪油 : Hee ! Hee ! Lisa 是边个 ?我梗系知道啦 !点解要讲脾你知 ?你地问肥佬啦嘻 !嘻 !嘻 !

肥佬又关我事 ?听讲栋墚间公司好多靓女咯喔 !嘿 !嘿!
栋墚 : 哈!哈!Lisa ? 哈 !哈 !我公司行 full automation 葛喔 ! AH Shen 梗知道勒 !问倨啦 !
Shen : Lisa ? Hmmm.....Let me tell you something... feel free to drop by Ah Khang's office... then you'll know...
Ah Khang : 嘿 ! 嘿 ! 喂 !你地唔好害我啦 !我老婆有睇 Blog 咔 !

Au Chee :

LISA, LISA 我爱你 ..... Kee Mun

(Chief Instigator, but a good buddy .....)

(Ring Ring ..... Hello? This is LISA speaking .....)

Hello, Mr Kee Mun So ! How are you ? This is Lisa speaking .....
Oh, Hi Lisa! How are you?
Very well Mr Sooooooooooo .....

I miss you so much .....

i miss you too .....
OK which Lisa is this?
Oh .. ! i'm Lisa ....the secretary of your 1978er friend in KL !
Which one?
i can't tell you ..... i have to check with my boss first .....
Wait ! Let me check the Ipoh-KL bus schedule... I'll be coming to KL to find out...

Oh..take care dear Mr Sooooooo... i hear the espress buses always ditch into the drains lah.....

You are there????

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