Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Photographic Man From Shanghai

The well experienced 中国上海Photographers' Association 主席 : 张砥环先生(中坐者)免费传授中国功夫拍照技术:-

IN SHANGHAI ENGRISH:- If you interest of learning the Chinese Kung Fu photographing tecniks, please make free time when able to airmail the President of Shanghai Photographers' Association China @ sam-tet-class-0f-1978.googlegroup.com or airmail his very private part address for more intimate experience and excitement at 大吥张总@163.com.cn or phone 86-2-888 8888 and ask for 阿妹 his personal massure。You will not disappoint, many pleasures photocopy, many other professional adult photocopy surprises will come to you when you find our 大吥张总 and 阿妹!!!!!

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