Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something To Share With You Guys .....

Mr Tali Poon (not Talipon) in his most opulent office pretending he is hard at work. We are sure he ruffled the stack of paperwork on his desk before the photo opportunity to "look good"
while composing the following "Insightful Message" to Stoba 1978ers
(Truth Be Told He Is Serving The 1978ers Community Well With His Time And Sense Of Humour)

Hi Guys,

I also have something to share with you guys, but I don't like politics ( although I could not avoid it ), and I do not to be lock-up like RPK.

So, here there go :

( Latest news from the Shipping / Logistic community during an after-hour-drink session that happen in Ipoh )

- 5 out of 10 largest shipping lines in the world are facing very serious financial dificulties ; might collapse in the worse ;

- near to 400 vessels around the world have been docked ;

- a numbers of planes had been groundedby reputable airlines round the world ;

- a very large Japanese shipping line has scrapped their order of 3 units 12,000 teus Mega Carriers ;

- many shipping liners ( including world top ) are implementing VSS round the globe ;

- the ocean freight rate had dropped to an unbelievable level ( USD 10.00 for 1 x 20' GP From Port Klang to Bangkok ! )

- many liners are unable to sustain with such low rate.

( On the other hand ) (Ed: Tali's speech rivals that of our infamous Prof. Dr. Ir.)

- LKF is snapping hot-air ballon out of his office window ; sips coffee with the lovely wife after dinner ( still enjoying life ) ;

- CSP still fly around in his single seater ; calling buddy with his Skype ; updating the STOBA blog ( enjoying life too ) ;

- SKM , PYS, FWB, WTC & LCK have planned for a happy hour session this weekend ( can enjoy life too ) ;

- TKC is still going around the Earth ( looking for something to enjoy ) ;

- Dr. FYM is busy attending to patients ( you've to look after your teeth, whether it's crisis or not ) ;

- LKH is happy negotiating ;

- YCN is having a good laugh at <> ;

- KC Mak keeps on rocking ;

- Jeffrey OKP worries nothing ( still enjoy singing, golfing & .... ) ;

- TSK, CTL enjoy the quiet semi-retire life ( without having to write to these guys ) ;

- Prof. Dr. CYS still pursuing his life greatest achivement ;

- LTV, LYF, LCH, KTM, SYW enjoy their life without the disturbance from the uncles' gang.

Are you enjoying you life ? Or are you worrying about the Crisis ?

It is a Wonderful World. Enjoy. Life has to go on.


Additional comment from a Blogger:-
LBC and SFK are planning to be the next Australand or Sunrise Bhd of Oz
CYY, CKP and LYF are counting their CPF nest eggs and hoping that Temasek has not squandered away their retirement funds
The rest of the Stoba 1978 Malaysians who contribute to EPF are wishing that the KWSP declared dividend for 2008 was 10.5% and not 4.5%