Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Lunch Time Well Spent

Dear Friends:

Friday 27 Feb I finally managed to have an opportunity to meet a dear ex-teacher, Mrs Tham. All of you remember her and so some news on this meeting for you.... I am sure our super elephant memory person (you-know-who) will comment on this post with some of his observations of past conversations and acts about Mrs Tham and Sam Tet that will no doubt add some "colours" to the painting.....

Mrs Tham and I met at The Curve because it would be easy for the both of us. I wanted to have pizza on that day and so we settled for the Italiannie restaurant on The Street as Mrs Tham was easy with food. In fact she only had one slice of a Margarita Pizza.... We caught up on old times. She retired from teaching in 1998 and she now lives in PJ.

I managed to tell her about all the 1978 friends I have met during this trip to Singapore, KL and Ipoh. To my surprise she remembered most of the names of her ex- students. She is in contact with several ex- students of Sam Tet mainly through emails.

Mrs Tham was very courteous and friendly. She was a "good friend" to us at school because she was enthusiastic in her profession and she was not that much older than us. I extended to her our invite to be at the 2010 Ipoh Reunion if the timing was right for her. It was a brief meeting and a lunch but we managed to touch base and to link up.


  1. you mentioned geography form 2, SP. Yes, I remember Mrs Tham taught us geography but I thought it was in Form 1 ??

  2. ya, just a few months in lower six for some of us, probably those stayed on for upper six would remember more. She taught us pure maths, honestly my maths was very poor, wasn't paying attention in class, can't remember & have no idea now what pure maths syllabus is all about..the only area that I can remember is probability because it is more of a layman term, practical & we still come across that from time to time..all the others, not a clue now...SAD ! I remember most of us failed that test & she was so good explaining and solving those probability questions..

  3. ...Mrs Tham..when she got angry, she was actually quite fierce. One time she was trying to explaint something & wu-quai trying to be funny & said other things..& on & on while Mrs Tham was still ! wu-quai really coped it that time.

    ...but after a while, Mrs Tham actually felt bad about the scolding..a kind hearted & lovable lady infact.

  4. I mentioned before on our google mails that..I remember.. Mrs Tham always spoke to Brother John Moh in Mandarine..& recently I just learned & surprised to know that she is actually chinese all of us in this group.