Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UMNO Chut Ngeow ..... Beh Tahan Lor!!!!

It started with an innocent question from Wong Sir:-

What is colorless, odorless, weightless, and if you put it in a can, it will make the can lighter (weigh less)?

OUR FRIEND UMNO 鱼捉猫 sums it up several days and several hundreds of email later with possible answers from several 1978ers :-

Mama mia it is fast & furious indeed. 20 over messages in half a day.

Yes Boon Chee, you are a bit slow. The answer is 'Hole' but this is no ordinary hole, to fill you in, just in case:

- KF - the hole is HOT
- SP - it got me HIGH, it is HIP, and you can HUG it.
- Tail - it was a HARD work.
- Au Chee - this hole got smell.
- Wong Sir - this hole is rated G, very clean, no smell one. And you old hacks better behave yourself, otherwise 班长 is going to 抄名 and 笑长 going to 打你屁股。And the aunties are listening too - you not malu kah?

Oh - it reminded me - I was the 班长 of 4S1, for no other reasons than that all the eligible good boys are already chosen to be 学长。I don't think I served any useful purpose being a 班长, but I did get to go to a government sponsored trip to KL because of my 'status'.
Phew. What a day :-)



  1. 鱼捉猫:

    What was the trip to KL about??

  2. It was an anti-communist propaganda program of some sort. The gov got together students from various Chinese schools in Perak - Taiping, Kampar etc - some 20 of us, lead by a Chinese gov officer.

    There wasn't much of any anti-communist propaganda as I recalled, but we did get to go inside the parliament building. We really had a good time, chit-chatting till 2-3am. I think it was a 2 nights trip. We were given pocket money as well!

    Apparently the clerk at Brother John Moh office, the bold headed big size guy, got a circular to select a student for the program, so he came to our classroom and asked for the 班长。

  3. where was this picture taken, UMNO? Not during the KL propaganda trip, I hope?!

  4. At last I see someone's head is same as mine .. don't feel so sad now !

  5. Yeah man. 地中海 瞒Apart from that 鱼捉猫 is still as handsome and have the sense of humor as ever!

  6. The photo was taken last year July. I think I was more 'square' 30 years ago. My face has gotten a lot bigger since.

    I am quite fond of my 地中海 tough. They say those who are bald at the front are big thinker, those who are bald at the back are big lovers. So I must be both. Maybe I just think that I am a big lover. Ha ha.

    Honestly - how I look is the least of my concern.

  7. UMNO is one who does not care about looks but the brainpower and the charm power.... No wonder he is winning the quizzes and charming the ladies behind the scene!

  8. A-Ha... ! Now only I know that why my head is still keeping all my hairs ! I have not been utilising my brain like KF & Chut-Chut do ! What have I been doing for all this years ?

    Does the same ' hair 'theory apply to other parts of the body ? Does it mean the more you use it, the less ' hair ' you'll get ? WOW !

  9. Ha ha. Tali, it's never too late to take stock of your "SoRRy liFe" and seriously consider other alternatives! Whether it's to do with your hAIr or your LOOks or your ABIlitY to DrInK!!!

  10. Yeah, some will win with charm and wit, some who are endowed with greatness (at least those who think they do) will try to conquer with the other 'head'.

    Winning the heart is quite another matter altogether though.