Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Another Reunion Meeting @ Crocodile Farm Restaurant Subang Jaya .....

This time in Subang Jaya on 6 Feb 2009.....

Boon Chee, Kong Ho, Fook Kheong and SP

In the evening of Friday Feb 6 I met up with Boon Chee, Kong Ho and Fook Kheong @ Crocodile Farm Restaurant in Subang Jaya for a "KL Sam Tet reunion dinner". I put this in inverted commas because it was hardly a well-attended dinner. Nonetheless it was a reunion dinner all right. It has been 30 years since I last met these former classmates and it was sure good to meet over cold beers and a sumptuous meal. These guys were great because they especially set up the reunion knowing I was in KL. Thanks Boon Chee, Kong Ho and Fook Kheong. We also made tentative arrangements to meet more fellow classmates on the 2oth Feb.

P/S: I did not say it at the time, but these guys can drink!

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