Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking Down Memory Lane Again .....

School Campfire

Back Of Class Photo 1976

Back Of Class Photo 1973

I was going through some old photos (again) tonight and found these "interesting" pictures. One was, and I cannot recall what event it was, showing Tali, 乌龟,and 小孩子。It must have been taken during some sort of a class camp fire or something like that.

At the back of 2 class photos - 1973 and 1976 I found signatures penned by various class mates. Can you point out who these people were? I am sure you can infer from the signatures who the signers are even though the signatures would have evolved to other forms ......


  1. I sure can recognise my own signature although it had been years. 1973 was Remove Class for us. Many mates were in different class after that. 1976 was Form Three, I was in 3B. That's why my signature was not in the photo. Lucky for you that you can still found these pictures. I did have my own collection but all were gone with fire.


  2. Tali, thanks for the comment. I think I have exhausted all my old photos for memories that I can share with you guys. I wouldn't mind if any out there has old photos and memorable quotes I can upload.....