Monday, April 27, 2009

Photos Of the 80's Era .....

1980 to 1990, the prime of our lives ..... We were in our twenties, full of ambitions, yet tentative, stepping out of the bosoms of our family homes into the unknown ..... uni's, work places, relationships, maybe even permanent relationships for some .....

It was the period when we were shaping up our ideals, a time we pondered and charged ahead with vigor and energy. Do you have photos of your time in the world at work or at play or in higher education in the 1980's? Have a look inside your bottom drawers and if you find them, like Yoong Ming did, send them in because I think it would be fascinating to see what we were like and what we were doing .....

YM sent in this photo of Wan Juin shot in London

1983 - At a glider training in Regional Victoria - SP

1982 - Outside my flat at Dryburgh St, North Melbourne, OZ - SP

"With friends outside the Singapore World Trade Centre. We went there for the '81 Audio and Visual Exhibition'. All the exhibitors turned their amplifiers full blast and we all came out with a headache." Ha ha ha.... " - Atari Wong

(Ed: Peng Chiew looked a bit like 华大利 kaki? 乌龟's stance is quite recognizable over the years, huh?)

Yuet Fai and me, taken in Nantah 南大. Does it bring back any memories? All of us boys stayed in Block 1 of the hostel, and there was where I got my new nickname. :), Atari Wong.... ATARI!!!!



I joined Hewlett-Packard as a customer engineer in 85, and was sent to their training center in Rockville, Maryland that winter. This is a picture taken with some of my fellow trainees on graduation day. I really enjoyed my stay there, especially the weekend trips to the Washington DC Mall - Wong Sir

I also have some 'aeroplane' pictures. This one was taken in 85 on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid in New York - Wong Sir

(Ed: On the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, awesome ATARI!)


曾经年轻过, 岁月不饶人

Boon Chee, Kwai Choon & Kin Fong – Middle of the road in front of the house where BC & KF stayed -GRIK BOY

(Bell-bottom Jeans were no doubt in vogue!)

1982 – Mei Foong visited Sydney : Mei Foong, Soon Tong & Kin Fong at University of NSW -GRIK BOY


1986 – Foong Peng visited Sydney : Foong Peng & Kin Fong (no idea now where is that place) - GRIK BOY

(Ed: Sydney Uni?)

1988 – Sunday BBQ : Foong Peng, Seng Kian & wife (Anne) – BBQ at Hawkesbury River, Lane Cove - GRIK BOY

(Ed: GRIK BOY: Fuzzy hair style or semi-Afro was in fashion in 1988?)

Keng Weng alone in Genting?

Keng Weng alone in Sydney?


  1. Short pants were de rigueur at that time?

  2. Atari: short pants for the tropics mah?? BTW I see KF was wearing the classic Adidas runners popular at the time. I had a pair of that too when I was going to RMIT 1980-84. It was leather upper, very hardy for students!

  3. Many of us living in Oz were sporting long hair do as was popular at the time... also practical in winter and less reliant on flat mates or girlfriends (KF and Seng Kian) to have to cut our messy locks....
    Almost all of us were much much thinner too....

  4. Is it the old age or the OZ climate that made KF became Kojak or some other factors..? the OZ climax ?? may be...

  5. OZ climate lah ! cold weather.. those hot showers cook my scalp & hair dropping just like autumn leaves

  6. that classic adidas is called ROME wore by Bruce Lee in the movie Enter The Dragon... anybody remember that ?

  7. KF no wonder almost every man in Oz are kojak!