Friday, April 17, 2009

It Pays To Be Honest!

UMNO's strategy of being HONEST, SINCERE, and LOVING wins the day! Brotherly courtesy, a desire to make another person happy, a positive mental attitude, and some help from Adi Da is the winning formula ....

Soo Weng, do you want to join us for dinner tomorrow? I can pick you up. I would like to have the honor, to show the so called 'good' friends that I am not so ancient after all, that I still have enough remaining charm to pick up a FAB lady.

You really know how to make me laugh [?] Adi Da must have said to you - make somebody happy everyday, you'll be plentifully blessed!
Love to join you guys, even great to be picked up! LOL...
Thanks, Yee!
See you all then!

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