Friday, April 17, 2009

Ipoh Mari 2nd Round (Part 2)

More pictures sent in from Boon Chee .....

Bao Bao, Boon Chee, Tali, Tuck Cheong, Seng Kian, Yee Hong, Kee Mun, Hock Choong, Jeffery Ong

Snow Beer & Sing-along @ Summer Palace

The 3 Stooges @ the Snow Beer Stall @ Old Town. Don't play too much notice to where the hands were paced. It was nothing.

Another 3 Stooges .....

Hi Mum! We're just having Chinese tea, not Green Label!
Seng Kian: 你妈才相信你们这些酒鬼! Wong Sir才是乖仔!

Wong Sir: " it was funny that we have forgotten about what we have spoken the moment we left!" 哈 哈 哈 哈 !

光仔: 是这样才可以做的 。。。。。
Tong Leong: 这麽好做?
Tali: @#¥%。。。。。
Seng Kian: 痴线佬!鬼相信你嘛!

Tali: 我不是林蛋大

Boon Chee says you are a big politician (translation: where are the photos teken by this official photographer for Ipoh Mari 1 ??)


还是倆个乖仔, 三十年依然不变

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