Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leong Yuet Fai 乌龟 .... Reminiscing The Past

This guy Leong Yuet Fai was a role model to many in the class, and the "envy" of the rest in the class. He was one of a few in the class that could spin answers to questions quicker than you can say, " I think the answer is ......". Among other classmates we admired and could come close to 乌龟 are Tuck Cheong, alias 小虫, Atari Wong, and Wong Sir; may be 鸡婆 and 阿波. Those were the days, of course, when exam results had a life of their own .....

Yuet Fai and his happy family live in Singapore

Yuet Fai have lived in Kiasu-land for donkey years, preferring the fast-paced life than a sedate life in the land-of-milk-and-honey-and-corrupt-people like many of us do. We are really glad he has now seen the errors of his ways and have re-established contacts with the rest of the all-so-runs in the original 1978 class ....

His recent emails to some of us have shown his potential in self-deprecation, and taking pork shots on himself. I am looking forward to seeing a recent photo shot of him and his better half. Enjoy.

(YF to Tali)

I am OK in Kiasu Land. Tan chiak tan chiak .....

No money to go oversea for studies, so went over the causeway as a compromise.

Since stuck here. Family too comfy to consider moving to & living in any other land to experience the exotics. So our (wife & I) sample "life in other lands" via our regional jobs. There were times we met in Changi Airport for coffee, she about to board a plane out & I just landed. Have since cut back on travel, thanks to the economic crisis.

Kiasu land being kiasu land. Bussssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyy lor. Wanna slow down somewhat to walk the beaches & smell the roses but hard to find the opportunity. Maybe also too kiasu to quit the rat race (a reminder that STOBA are all rats).

I am loyal supportor of Singapore Sweep (top prize $2.2mil). Small bet, 1 ticket of $3 every draw. My rationale, if some unseen forces intend to make me rich overnight, better not make his job too tough. Then I can retire and join BC to build homes, water purification plants, ... in Thailand.

Have been following the banters of the Young at Hearts on & off. You folks are entertaining.

(Shen to YF)

Those years in Sam Tet, you have been my role model and I always said, see how "clever" is YF, always # 1 in class with no effort, how come it is so difficult for me to study lor.

Kiasu Land has her charm, as long as we are happy how we live our life, any place will do. And you are right, you never know, what $3 might bring in. how much hope and anticipation $3 bring to our life ? Just that little dash of color & spices.

Enjoy all tha chatters from Wong sirs UMNO etc just great entainment

Keep it up

ps, Take that walk and smell all the roses!!!!

(YF to Wong Sir)

Thanks for pic. Block 1 Nantah Hostel. Yes, I recall.

Remember the common phone at Block 1 common lounge. Soon smart Alec discovered it could be used to make IDD & STD calls, free. Day & night, young ladies and men in whatever attires, queued to call home/friends for FREE. It wasn't months later that the hostel administrators discovered the huge bills, and started CSI work to trace the destination numbers. Those filial daughters/sons who called home got nailed. Those Casanovas who called boyfriends/girlfriends got away ... World is such, the good guys pay, the bad guys get away. Or the bad guys pay, the badder / baddest guys get away.

I was not among this crowd. Too lazy to queue for hours. I was among the few who worked hard for call time. Taped a thread to a coin, inserted it into the coin phone and deftly hanged the coin at the sweet spot. How long one could continue calling for free then depended on how skillful one was at feeling and staying at the sweet spot ...

Atari Wong! Everyone craved to give it a shot at your Atari console. Those Starwar days of Luke Skywalker, C3P0 and R2D2, holding a joystick to fly a spaceship, firing missiles and dodging hostile fires from left right front back top bottom was big big time. Hey! It's 3D animation! Of course, none came close to Wong Sir's record.


  1. Cap'n, you give me too much face. I was no where near Master Yuet Fai. He was in a class of his own, and still is I reckon!

  2. Atari, you were within "striking distance" lah.. and judging from your recent performance you are still 宝刀未老!