Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Contributions From Andy Leong ....

Andy was able to dig up some gold from his treasure boxes over the weekend .....

Dii Hwan's 杰作镜头 - Angles of Mercy

Kellies Castle in Batu Gajah. For many years, Kellies Castle has been shrouded in mystery. Today it's nicely restored and easy to reach from Ipoh. Unfortunately no one was able to produce any group photo of a phantom bicycle trip to Kellies as concocted by Kong Ho .....

Comment from Chut Chut:

It was not a cave - but some prehistoric paintings high up the cliff faces of the limestone hills.

The location is near the army camp in Tambun. Make a right turn some 2km from the Jusco Junction in Jalan Tambun, it is right there. I think it can be seen even from Jalan Tambun.

I can't recall whether we went to the hot spring. It was quite possible as the hot spring is nearby.

Prehistoric painting site visit in Tambun. Date circa 1977/1978?

Kneeling: 鸡婆, SP, Tuck Ming
Back Row: Gim Keat, 小孩子, Chen Shen, 肥佬, Tali, Yong 2x, 宝宝, Tong Leong, Aloysius Ong, Yuet Fai, 陈星, Yoon Keong

L6 Maths Class - All were predictably camera shy, except 陈星

陈星 again! We hope he can throw away his recent inhibitions and join us in conversation. We miss his frank and weirdo comments of his boyhood!

Below are 4 photos of a trip to Cameron Highlands after the MCE Exams. The tour was led by Wong Min Fah (老黄) and was ostensibly only extended to the elite 4 - Gim Keat, Kwai Choon, 乌龟 and Fook Kheong .....


  1. SP,

    Correction to the names for the picture of prehistoric painting :- the one beside Tali is Yong x2, ( not Boon Hock ). The guy at the right hand side of Yuet Fei is Aloysius Wong, our school librarian.