Thursday, May 7, 2009

M.I.B. In Ngar Choy Gai Town .....

Ipoh shut down for assembly sitting

IPOH, May 7 — M.I.B. are aplenty, 50 sen a pop!


Chut-Chut you'd better turn your ship around and head east where the beaches are !!!!

There are too many M.I.B.'s today, forget the whole thing Chut-Chut .....

Dear All,

Chut Chut was enjoying an early show around Lido Cinema on the 7-5-2009 - "CHASE & CATCH". After the show, said sometime around 1200 hr, he and his "爱人“ were “撑枱脚”- Vegetarian food before the intelligence unit surrounded both of them.

Worry "Not" ! With the "Tai Chi" that he learnt from Eh Kok , they managed to escape and head to "GRIK".

At "GRIK" , he "飞鸽传书“ around 2000 hr that both of them are safe and they are "着草“ to an Island somewhere near "GRIK"- No to disclose in detail as they are doing something for the next generation, so going to organize a "满月酒“ 9 months from today or last night.

BTW, since they are "着草“ & planning for the "满月酒“, they need some generous fund contribution from all of us . I have been appointed by him to collect the fund on his behalf, kindly T/T or on-line bank in your contribution to BLACK Bank, Surine branch, Thailand. A/C # 333-FF22CC9394. Your kind generosity is very much appreciated.

Shall keep all posted on the development if Chut Chut's "鸽 仔“ desn't kena the SWINE FLU.

For all future phone calls to Chut Chut, one has to mention the “密语”--------- "长江7号“ before any conversation.

Good day !

Kee Mun

长江6号: “ 长江7号,长江7号, 我是长江6号, OVER ”

长江7号: “ 长江6号 什么事?我在xxxx吔!”

长江6号: “ 怕什么?我今天穿黑衣嘿!”

哈 哈 哈!!!

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