Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a DARK day again !

Chut-Chut is seriously thinking why he was wearing ' white ' shirt in Seri Petaling ?
He should have worn ' black ' like BC ! Now the Ngar Choy Gai town is in the Dark again !

Chut-Chut is protesting by remaining silent & may be the ' hunger strike ' !
But, the 1978ers are protesting that he is missing from action for the last few days !

Chut-chut, Chut-chut; where are you???? We don't want "white"..... we don't want "black"..... we SUPERMAN!

Chut - Chut : This is the job... for.... SUPER CHUT !!!!

CHUT-CHUT: 我要这架!

Captain : 你就想喔! 昵架就有份呢!

Chut-Chut : 呢架老爷交通工具,是我三十年前的财产。都被你地揾到,佩服 !佩服!不过,我已家会自己飞来飞去,唔要呢架野啰。。。。!留给Captain Oz 吧 !

WONG SIR: 系咩?甘。。。 坐我呢架嘞!

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