Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ipoh Mari Again ..... 2 May 2009

Kee Mun, Tali, Jeffrey Ong, Atari Wong, met with Ek Kok in Ipoh on 2 May 2009 night. Last I know I was connected to Ek Kok via Skype. I had a long chat with our friend and I appreciate his openness and time for me. Ek Kok, I can't say more than "you are strong" and "thank you for sharing"..... Here are two Skype snaps I took. I have no doubt KM and Tali will send me more photos and maybe a brief report.

Our friend Ek Kok

Our friend Tauke Jeff Ong

Tali / Kee Mun and family / Tuck Cheong / Jeffrey:

Thanks for the time and food at Royal Perak Golf Club, Ipoh Old Town Coffee, char koey teow at Gunung Rapat, and the breakfast at Ipoh Garden South.

Kee Mun / Captain - thanks for the SKYPE and the long distance call on my health issue. I hope to handle it well. No worry from all.

Fook Kheong - Owe you an apology. I should have called you before driving to Ipoh on my own.

Chun Ngan - So surprise to see you for the 1st time after 30 years. I was about to depart Ipoh for KL. Kee Mun told us to wait. He just received your call that you are at Simpang Pulai exit. You really caught all of us by surprise. We sure will catch up with each others for the "lost time".


Ek Kok

More follow up photos from one of our main man, Tali .....

Kee Mun - the sailor man?

Star of the night

怡保白KOPI 双宝


特大集佬 Tauke 猫精

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