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Episode Seri Petaling - Preliminary Report By Tali 哥 (PART I)

花和尚饮食男女 。。。。笑笑 。。。。戏剧人生。。。。大家快乐

鸡屎 from Dubai challenging the Group for a YUM SING!!!!

Seng Kian and Au Chee were 靠近美人, 有的来 有的来

The 三德和尚 strikes again .... This time in 大城堡 。。。。

( Date : 15th May 2009 )

The scheduled "flight" to Seri Petaling piloted by Tali was delayed from 2.00 pm to 4.30pm. The "flight" took off from Ipoh after the two V.I.P Wong Sir and Tong Leong ( Valuable & Intelligent Property ) had boarded my "plane" at about 5.00 pm. The weather condition was BAD. The navigation system was not functioning well on approaching KL. We were forced to bypass the "Monster". Fortunately, with the help from the control tower, the flight touched down in Seri Petaling safely at about 8.00 pm.
The dinner has a good turn out ..... a total of 23 people. 鸡婆 came in very late. So, he was not in the group photo.


Seated ( from left ): Kong Ho, Mei Foong, Ek Kok, Kai Chee, Philip, Yoke Can . Standing ( from left ) : Tong Leong, Chee Kean, Boon Chee, Kee Mun, Weng Wah, Yoong Ming, Chen Shen, Yok Seng, Soo Weng, Yee Hong, Fook Keong, Chut Ngeow, Chun Ngan, Seng Kian, Tuck Cheong, Chee Keong.

The gathering started with a big "BANG"!

It was more like a typical Malaysian Chinese's dinner function ! ---- greetings like " hello, how are you ? ; Ni Ho Mo ? ; 你好吗?你阿妈好吗? X nia mah ! X nia sing ! ... were all in the air.... wah lau er....!

Overall, this is the noisiest gathering so far, with some uncles showing their faces for the first time after 30 + years. There's no barrier among the uncles ... they talked , they shouted, they criticized & they xxxx more openly..... (Ed: What is new???!!!) The dishes were sumptuous ..... I presume the rest agreed .... because I personally didn't take much notice of the food. But I noticed many of us were enjoying the meal.

We didn't take any photos of the dishes as they are not the main issue of the night .....

Everybody has a good time !

The guest of honor of the night was Ah Strong ( 阿壮 )!

Philip, long time no see

Although Philip was supposed to be the guest of honor, but the focus of night wasn't on him !
Ever since the 2 FABs arrived, the force of attraction has been diverted.....

Even the mystery guy from Dubai couldn't outshine the FABs......


What's the gesture from FK?


(Chut Chut's report)

鸡婆 walks in late....

FK: 哇,鸡婆,好久不见,认的出我是谁吗?

鸡婆:er... ah......

FK: 这样还算是朋友?罚你喝一杯。

Au Chee: 认唔出一个人的就罚他一杯。

Au Chee: FK,鸡婆旧摆唔同你同座个咩,味道都认的出嘛。


鸡屎鸡屎我爱你! Guinness, Guinness 我爱你!

"The Famous Guy From Dubai"

Dubai's Favorite Soft Toy

Fook Kheong: Another FAB in green outfit ???

CHEERS ..... 哈哈哈哈

The Superman @ 长江七号 in action during the Sri Petaling dinner.Still thinking of sex.. ???.... thinking of washing powder ...???

长江七号 : Ooooh ..... I think of sex 140 times a week

Superman Chut Chut: Ooooh, I like this outfit!

ATARI WONG in his Star Wars P.J.

Chut Chut: Hi I am from Ngar Choi Gai Town and I am wearing a white shirt today coz my black outfit is in the laundry ..... sorry! ..... and I use FAB Powder for my laundry of course @#$%^&


The "FAB Powder" (or more appropriately, THE FAB POWER!) were OBVIOUSLY very laku on that night .....

Some 1978ers were "naturally" attracted to the FAB Powder, much like opposite poles attract? Might it be that they were reliving their lives in Form 6 again? (Ed: FABs, thanks for lighting up our lives.) And aren't the FABs still pretty? YES!!!!

Au Chee 嘿嘿嘿嘿

Kee Mun 嘿嘿嘿嘿

Kong Jai, Kai Chee, Kong Ho 嘿嘿嘿嘿

Au Chee (AGAIN!!!) and Ah Can 嘿嘿嘿嘿


Behind the scene SKYPE RE
PORT [2:10:50 PM] Tali Poon: there's one funny things that i have observed from all the pictures taken...especially those with FABs

[2:11:41 PM] Tali Poon: many guys that took photos with the FABs tend to have their heads being pulled by a force towards the FABs


These are more "BROTHERSHIP" photos; blood brothers, Brothers-In-Arm ..... In years to come when we look back to this day these pictures will again remind us of our friendship .....

栋樑 and BC 谈心事


喂, 结拜老友

肥老, 又是你呀

Two pictures of old friend and special guest star, 鸡婆


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