Monday, August 24, 2009

One Cool Windy Night in Ipoh with Kin Fong

This posting is in response to the ' One Wintry Melbourne Night ' on 21st August 2009 posted by the Auspilot .

Our ' Grik Man ' from Australia has returned to Ipoh without the awareness of the Auspilot, and I understand that Auspilot has been looking hi & lo for him on last Saturday & Sunday.

Tali was also surprised to receive the call from this ' Grik Man ' on 23rd August evening , thinking that he was pulling his leg when told that he was actually in Ipoh. Kin Fong has returned to Ipoh on an emergency personal matter.

A group of the 78er : Kee Mun, Tong Leong, Hock Choong, Yee Wah & Tali , has hosted a small gathering for Kin Fong - the ' Grik Man ', in Greentown Ipoh Kopitiam. The night was cool & windy. The uncles are happy to sip coffee at this round table conference with Kin Fong.

We tried to contact Wong Sir, but couldn't get him through his mobile. An email received from him this morning read “ Hi guys, Sorry just saw the missed calls and SMS from you this morning, couldn't call you back because my pre-paid card had expired. Have been running a light fever with sore throat these few days so to be safe I am under self imposed home quarantine now. Will let you all know later if I can make it to the dinner this Thursday. ”

A ' wash the dust ' ( 洗尘)dinner has been fixed for Kin Fong on Thursday ( 27th August) at Marpoh ( 子子 宝)restaurant in Ipoh Garden.

Siew Yee Wah, the dedicated professional photographer of the 78er, has taken some group pictures for the gathering of the night. He promised to Tali to send these pictures in his first availble free time. However, an email received from him this morning were without any attachment of the photos, although he stated in his mail " hope the attached photos can get through to you ".

So, sorry mates. No pictures this round. ( with courtesy from yee wah ).

Aiyah Tali, 我 Sunday 有 call 你嘛! 有相喔!

Will post the picture later when I have received it. ( hopefully, ha ha ha ! )

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