Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's My Coke !

The Fight over Coke by 78ers.

One of the 78ers, Wong sir was down with a slight fever & sore throat.

As usual, the 78ers uncles are so concern about that, and dug out all type of recipes :-

KM : Wong Sir, Warm Coke + Ginger !

Chut-Chut : Forget about the Coke. Use Warm lemon + Ginger instead.

Tali : Wong Sir, Coke + Kopitiam girl sure will get you well very soon !

Captain : Warm Coke + Ginger + Warm Lemon + Kopitiam girl ; stirred well, but not shaken ; add 2 shots of Blue Label whiskey ; lie down, tuck up a thick blanket in a stuffy room and read 老夫子 comic books.

Chut-Chut : With a kopitiam girl and Tongkat Ali Ginseng coffee would work better, I believe.

Wong Sir : Alamak ! What's all these ? I only want the Original Coke !

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