Monday, May 21, 2012

Stoba78 Dinner @ Ipoh

The group of 6 - Tong Leong, Hock Choong, Wong Sir, Tuck Ming, Tali and SP met for dinner @ Soon Fatt Restaurant (42 Jalan Seenivasagam). 

Thanks to Hock Choong we have a wonderfully arranged 客房 and nice food at the dinner. On the matter in question amongst the 6 attendees I have reflected since the dinner on the heavy task laid on me by HC, WS, T and TM:- what do I do with the RM250? If it was 25K or 250K I will certain sponsor yours truly with a world tour! I would appreciate some ideas from you 4 stooges ..... Thanks in advance! 

The dinner atmosphere was not boisterous but lively with lots of intellectual exchanges of minds plus free flow of the golden liquid courtesy of Hock Choong and Tong Leong. We also wondered where Wusu Nelson was up to as to why he did not turn up. Kee Mun was also missed as he preferred to be by himself in KL. And Bao Bao was no sound so picture after a few promptings. We guessed Indonesia has its attractions to him.

Quotable Quotes:of the night-

" I can stop anytime but what do I do? " " What is happiness? " " COO and CHO " " Is happiness an end point? "

Wow, certainly a heavy night and lots of food for thoughts. Until we meet again and hopefully not too long!

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