Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Our Captain alighted from the Electric Train service from KL; instead of his usual mode of transportation

Boon Hock, James Wong and Kee Mun

Lunch at Nasi Kandar aka NASI GANJA opposite the old Tg Rambutan Bus Stattion (for those in the know). Tong Leong, David Khoo and Ooi Boon Hock


On this date of 4th September 2010 ...
Location : Malaysia , Perak State , Ipoh City ...

Scene One - Happy Hour

Captain Allen has arrived his hometown today.

After running around the town with KM looking for his favourite food, he settled in ' Summer Paradise ' for a Happy Hour session with the Ipoh Mali gang.

The Happy Hour started from 5.00pm and was attended by Kee Mun, Tong Leong, Hock Choong, Kong Jie, Bao Bao, Tali & 2 new faces : - Ooi Boon Hock & Leong Khai Choung.

Our ' Coke Ambassador '- Wong Sir also turned up for this session.

Rounds of beers & jokes , minus the *' 魚 ' and the karaoke by Jeffrey Ong, it's a fun-filled Happy Hour in this ' Paradise ' .....

* Catch of the day ( by Bao Bao ) : - 有边个男人(猫)唔食魚咔?

Scene Two - Dinner

After many suggestions & objections, the final place for dinner was decided, thanks to Hock Choong's proposal - a nearby restaurant named Soon Fatt Restaurant.

So, the whole group of 50 years old ( minus Bao Bao & Khai Choung ) decided to go for makan by walking...

Everybody enjoyed the delicious food & of course, a few rounds of beer....

The group also enjoyed the 'romantic ' walking in the rain back to Summer Paradise after the dinner.

Scene Three - inside Wong Sir's car
Time : 9.05pm

“ 嘟嘟!嘟嘟 !嘟嘟 !”
“ 哈啰 ?”
“ 喂,老婆!我返哽來啦!”
“ 吓?有无搞錯?依家几多点啊?返來 ?”
“ 九奌几咯...... ”
“ ......你地都会甘早散band既咩 ?”
“ ........ ”

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