Thursday, April 29, 2010

HAWAII 50 - Happy 50th Birthday

Group photo at Sam Tet for Hawaii 50 sake. Thanks to those who made it for the event ...

FINALLY THE LONG AWAITED "HAWAII 50" EVENT came and went. I remember we started the process of gathering email addresses of people we knew from August 2008. Throughout the last 20 months many of us have attended dinners and gatherings (15 side-show events in all) culminating in the HUGE one in Ipoh during the weekend of 9th, 10th and 11th April.

I have to say ..... one big hurray to all of you who came for the HAWAII 50 function especially those from Shanghai, Dubai and Singapore. And to those who did not make it this time, we hope to see you at HAWAII 51 in KL.

And to those whom we are still seeking high and low to join the STOBA 1978 Group if you happen to read this blog post ..... we need you in the Group to complete the Class of 1978!

HAWAII 51 promises to be a spectacular event chiefly because the organizers can learn from the mistakes made in this year's event! Ha ha ha! Not that Kee Mun was a poor man-on-the-ground! In fact he has done some good things .....

Anyway we do not want to steal the HAWAII 51 Organizing Committee's thunder. We shall leave it to the 2011 Committee to reveal the secrets in its time!

Back to the post ..... Here are a collection of all the photos taken during the weekend in one hit. Hopefully the sequence of the photo shots as posted here make sense. If it is not making sense or less than perfect, please blame the photographers i.e. CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER Siew Yee Wah, and MINOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Yuet Fai, Tuck Cheong, Boon Chee, Kee Mun, Yoke Khang etc.

The photographic team + class monitor. Philip was there to monitor their artistic expressions

Boon Chee: I used to sweat it out at this canteen

All the old 君子


SP: I could have been the Pengetua .....

Yee Wah: These are Wah Tai Li guys. I better side step



Anonymous student: Ha ha ha these bunch of old uncles did not know that I have FBI files on them

Toddy and Black Dog session. Much earlier than the usual 4pm happy hour
黑狗啤, 你是 No. 1

Kai See: Oh..... how I long for the Toddy + Black Dog. Nothing to drink in Dubai

Seng Kian: I wanna ..... sweat out my Toddy + Black Dog


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