Thursday, April 29, 2010


Recent conversations on Googlegroup centered around who Raymond Chen is ..... YES, INDEED HE WAS AND STILL IS, CHEN SOU MOU! No big secret, except that he left Sam Tet Primary for Yoke Choy whilst we went on to Sam Tet Remove Class. Then he mysteriously appeared again in Lower Six. The rest is ..... history.

I shall not use this space to divulge what happened to Raymond Chen the last 32 years. I will not spoil the fun and he can let you in on his secrets when he meets us sometime in the future. Ha ha ha Raymond, I cannot help but slide this on in.

He, like Philip and David .......... did not sit for the MCE CHinese! But I must say his Putonghua is now almost perfect.

Now I have some photos to help you recall who he is .....

We had a sumptuous dinner at "Jalan Hantu" - Szechuan food

Hard at work scaling The Great Wall at Ba Da Ling
. The AUSSIE in him cannot help it but he had to buy a outback cowboy hat to wear, when the heavens opened up on us mercilessly on that day!!!!

OK, ok. Now that you know who he is and what he looks like in recent times ..... He now lives in Beijing and he welcomes STOBA 1978 visitors (after he screens through who they are of course) to his part of the world. Not that I expect we will all go to Beijing in droves?!

Anyway, you can now get in touch with this big fella via the usual channels!!!

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