Friday, April 27, 2012

Dinner and drinks @ USJ

 27/4/12 Kong Ho organized for us a dinner @ Hup Kwhan Seafood Restaurant in USJ and the attendees were:-

Kong Ho
Kong Jai
Raymond + better half

Billie came to join us at the restaurant after we have had our dinner.

Soo Weng and Mei Foong also graced the occasion joining us for some after dinner drinks at the pub. Kiki Lala were there. I forgot the pub's name.

Raymond, unusually, ate quite a bit of keropok he bought at a pasar malam. The keropok reacted with the beer he drank to become a gigantic balloon inside his stomach and as a result he was unable to drink more alcohol after dinner because he was feeling the baloon getting larger within his cavity. This was the theory according to him. Some might call it "cannon farter" but that is another story!

Billie we salute you for your vivid memory of yesteryear. We raised the glass to you for "Fanbo" t shirt.

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