Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melbourne Visitor - lunch at Burwood

TODAY WE HAD LUNCH at Burwood with Kin Fong, Foong Peng, and Melbourne STOBA visitor Ng Tuck Weng and his dear wife Veronica who lives here .

Tuck Weng visits his family at Templestowe a few times a year but this is the first time all of us meet as a group. By this you would know that he is one of those "astronauts". In my conversations with him he told me that he had set up his Aussie home here (the second time around) since 2001! So he is no stranger after all to the Aussie way of life. In fact he would be our "Sifu".

The lunch was Cantonese fare. Rice with a few dishes. The environment was quite good, non-intrusive, and not many customers were at lunch this day. I think everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Certainly we had time to catch up on the latest in our lives and families.

After lunch we adjourned to Glen Waverley to have some iced beverages as today was a hot day with a shade temperature of 33 C. Yet again we took the opportunity to catch up on what are on the cards as far as our near future travel plans are......

So all of you STOBA fellas out there reading this why not make Melbourne your next holiday destination?

All People Chinese Restaurant

122 Burwood Highway
03 9889 8198

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