Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dinner @ Red Bean

STOBA Melbourne hosted a dinner for visiting fellow old boy Wong Wai Loong who hails from Kuching. The dinner was held at fellow Sam Tet old boy's (James) restaurant - Red Bean on Thursday night 3 September.

Wong Wai Loong, based in Kuching, is apparently the opposite number of Ku Chin Wah.

Seated: SM, Khai Yip's wife, Kim Key's wife, Wendy (Fook Kong's wife)

Standing: STOBA President Vincent, me, Chee Seng, Khai Yip, Wai Loong, Jacky, James, Richard, Fook Kong

We had Peking duck (Red Bean style), soft-shell crabs, curry fish head, kangkong belacan, 凉瓜 fish head + tofu + red bean soup + dessert

Redbean Restaurant
430 Burwood Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122

(03) 9815 2488

Map to Red Bean

PS: Kin Fong and Ivy Ooi are MIA from the dinner because KF confessed to me that he was extremely well received and treated in Ipoh and KL by various 1978ers. So much so he had to be on a diet when he got back from Malaysia.... and he is still recovering from the amount and high quality foods and alcohol he consumed!


  1. Hey, Captain ! What do you mean James is the opposite number of Ku Chin Wah ? Mafia ??

  2. So, James is the leader of the Gang in Kuching ?