Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update On Finding Class Of 1978 Classmates And Singapore/Johor Sam Tet Gathering

Hi All:

On behalf of the Group I would like to extend warmest welcome to new members:

Philip Lip, Kong Ho, Chong Hock Choong, Chin Yee Hong, Lee Boon Chee, Siew Yee Wah, Au Chee Keong, Leong Chee Hoong, and last but not least Ng Chut Ngeow (UMNO).

I thought I should comment that we have made very strong progress in finding additional 1978 classmates to join the Google Group and reunion gatherings that are going on right now.

If you look at the "Finding and Keeping 1978 Folks" post which I have just updated you will agree that there is still a few more people that we need to get hold of but we have found quite a few since Jan 09; thanks to Tali, Kee Mun, Boon Chee and Chee Keong!

I certainly hope the rest of them (16 of them) can be contacted to join us. Let me highlight their names below to focus our minds and efforts in locating them:

Updated March 27:

Chong Yoon Kheong
Leong Yuet Fai (Now a Member)
Lim Chen Shen (Now a Member)
Chan Kean Khuen
Chee Keng Lam (Lives in Singapore?)
Heng Ek Kok (Now a Member)
Chin Yew Sin (Now a Member)
Lee Teck Voon (now a Member)
Low Ching Kam
Chai Ko Chuan
Fann Wei Bao (now a Member)
Choong Yoke Can (Now a Member)
Ooi Boon Hock
Wong Chun Ngan
Chin Wei Keong
Foo Wan Juin (BASF Petronas Chemicals)

Thanks Guys!


Sam Tet Singapore/Johor Gathering Held @ NTU On Feb 8

Chan Kiang Por and Chin Yong Yong were as usual jovial and friendly; the years that had gone past us did not affect our friendship. We spent some time talking about their families and work. Yong2x works as a warehouse/logistics manager, Kiang Por is a consultant with a GLC linked entity. Both seemed settled and happy with their lives! The rest of the Sam Tet guys were mostly our junior except for Thai Kwong and Lam We Soon of 1974. I was pleasantly surprised to meet Umno and Philip Lip's brothers and was able to get their contacts.

Having attended the gathering I am convinced that the Sam Tet Alumni spirit is alive and doing well provided a small group of people is committed to keeping the gatherings organised! Tali and Kee Mun you have your jobs cut out for you!

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