Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sam Tet Old Boys Class Of 1978 三德1978 初中五班同学们

Dear Ex-Class Mates

I have created this blog to further enhance our opportunities to communicate on line and to tap into the each others' happenings, particularly those in 5S1 (sorry to be parochial, to those who are from other Form 5 classes).

You are free to write and comment, start any new topics..... but no abusive language and frothing in the mouth, please.

If you agree with any opinion expressed by any individual or if you feel offended by some comments, please speak your mind on this blog or forever hold your peace!

The blog can only be successful in achieving its objectives if you contribute. If you like it, comment on it. If you don't like it, comment on it!

I hope I am not rubbing it the wrong way.... Let me just say that I encourage all of you to participate in posting or commenting topics that are relevant to you. It does not take up a lot of your time. We hope we can re-establish contacts with EVERY SINGLE ONE of our old class mates before our very first reunion salted at this stage on 16 Feb 2010.

Happy communicating.

Seong Pin (also known by Aussie name Allen Chen)

PS: I think Mak Kwai Choon's subject of the proposed Class of 1978 50 years old reunion is an appropriate start to our discussion. For his convenience I have cut and pasted his recent views on the Reunion venue as a post.


  1. hi everyone...
    1st of all we must know what happned in 1978..otherwise we do not know what is the lyrics to our song......there is 44 guys in the class pictures but how do you feed them in a classroom...8x5=40...8x6=48...
    and whats nuts couldnt even remember what subjects we study in form5....
    and this is supposedly a 31year reunion if we are celebating 1978...50 sounds just too old...

  2. Ha ha ha .... you can count!

    31st year reunion sounds good. I like to face the reality also that we are all going to be over the hill, soon. In any case, Kwai Choon, can we get down to business. I am a logistics man as you know. Would you like to start the ball rolling (to make it easier for everybody else to respond) by coming up with a list of logistical challenges we need to overcome in organising an IPOH reunion?